Low level mysteries to solve

Went to the freezer and found that one of our ice cubes in the ice cube tray had somehow formed a vertical spike. How has this happened??

Also, what low level mysteries would you like DiS help to solve?

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Oh I thought this was going to be the return of saps murder mystery game

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tbf ice dagger is the only reasonable answer here


Tiny glass swordfish ornament accidentally left in the ice tray?

Sorry to marckee this for you but

“more work remains to be done before the phenomenon is fully understood”

There’s still room for this thread!

Also, we replenish our ice cube stock every 2-3 days on average and have done for 7 years. This is the first spike. I think @japes is closer to the real answer.

Chalmers: An Ice Spike?! At this time of year?!? At this time of day?!? In this part of the country!? :Localized entirely within your freezer!?!

AphexTwinkletoes: Yes.

Chalmers: May I see it?

AphexTwinkletoes: Er, no.


Update: It melted a bit during the time it took me to rush upstairs to show the TV and for us both to marvel at it. It now looks like this, ‘Chalmers’.

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I saw a pair of slippers left outside a photo booth at the station the other day. Been trying to figure out what that was all about

Chalmers: Well, AphexTwinkletoes, you are an odd fellow but I must say you spike a good ice.


“It’s a wife mine now!”


I really don’t think you lot are as excited by this ice spike as you ought to be

Ii was excited by it but then you let it melt.

By accident!!! In my excitement about it I kinda forgot that ice melts if you leave it out the fridge. And I’ve never had to take care of an ice spike before, so cut me some slack, yeah?

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Really feel like @anon5266188 would have made this into a killer thread. Ant, any pro tips?

I think this is a very good and interesting thread frankly, however, posting it when a lot of people aren’t at work any more may have been an error.

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Thanks buddy. Appreciate the input. I suppose also people are less in the mood for ice cubes in winter. Might re-energise the discussion in summer.

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