LOW-LEVEL politics thread (rolling)


I am one of those many people who sometimes wants to talk light-heartedly about politics but don’t feel quite at home in the other politics threads (there are many reasons this can be the case for different people).

Hopefully this can be a politics thread where NO question is a “stupid” question, and where we can share jokes/memes etc. about current politics and the likes.

HOWEVER, please be aware that politics we might be tempted to joke about DO directly affect people’s lives (including DiS community members), so be mindful of HOW you joke about things.

If you are answering a question that someone has asked in this thread, I would encourage you to share any sources you might be using, to make it more visible that no-one just KNOWS everything off the top of their heads. If you do happen to know that one thing off the top of your head then good for you and carry on.

Nitpicking over eg. academic or legal definitions of words will just be deleted, so don’t even bother as long as it’s clear what is actually meant.

Have fun!


Would be good to get this rolling. maybe a place to start would be to encourage those who would like to participate in politics threads but usually don’t to share some of the things they’re passionate about in regard to politics and anything they want to know more about but find tough to get to grips with - crucially, with minimal interference/explaining from those who normally post in the politics threads to avoid patronising anyone.


looking in recent months, I was one of the 10 biggest posters in the uk politics threads for Oct/Nov/Jan/March (weirdly in Dec + Feb I was barely involved)

apologies to anyone I interacted with in those threads in a way that was unhelpful

this thread is a great idea

I honestly am so clueless about UK politics that I don’t really bother with those threads, and US politics is so overwhelming and covered absolutely everywhere so I get really sick of it :sweat_smile:

Tell me, what is the biggest political debate in UK land at the moment?

Lots of movement in the Yes campaign for Welsh independence at the moment it seems. I find it all a bit baffling. Where do I find reliable independent sources that will give me an unbiased opinion? Really don’t know.


that’s an interesting question - I’d very much like to see what people who are based in the uk but aren’t engaged in the politics would answer with!

I’m not sure there’s a single biggest thing at the moment now Brexit is done (but not done) and we appear to be on the downward slope of the pandemic dominating everything.

I’ve got a list of five items that I think are more widely talked about than others, but being more engaged that most in the existing politics threads until the week or so I’m probably not a great source for it!

Do you mean in the campaign itself or rather in public perception / how people would vote?

Really struggling to parse the UK’s relative success in terms of the vaccine rollout alongside the EU’s mess with the member countries. There’s a lot of low-level gloating (not on here) which is disappointing but not surprising. I see vaccine access as a win-win rather than a zero-sum game. But then I do kinda feel glad that as a country that we’ve been able to move independently*.

*I know that we probably could have bypassed the EU in accessing vaccines

(Not made a huge amount of sense really)

The campaign itself. Like a lot of people I have a deep distrust of politicians so would be good to be able to read up on what the Yes campaign and the arguments against independence are generally. An idiots guide essentially.

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Gotchya. It’s been a very vague thing in my mind even when I was living in one of the more Plaid Cymru leaning parts of Wales because it always felt so far off and I guess I always saw myself moving back to England. Didn’t even realise until just now looking at Wiki on Welsh Independence that there’s a splinter party from Plaid.

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ahahahahahahhaha. Oh zeal.


Ugh we are not getting vaccines quickly enough

I know, it’s really bad and I definitely wish it wasn’t like this for you all.

We’ve not been as bad off as you this far though. Pretty bad atm though. Hence me running away to an island in the Arctic.

see I didn’t realise this either. Is that the YesCymru people?

Based on what Wiki says I’d say they’re a one man vanity project because their leader was too toxic for Plaid, but they also seem to have a few local councillors, which is surprising.

I know nothing about YesCymru, but I’d guess they’re nominally a single issue campaign group rather than a party with a wider set of policies and you should theoretically see people from different parties together under that one group - Think the equivalent of the “Stronger in Europe” pro EU or the “Vote Leave” anti-EU groups during the Brexit campaign if you remember either of those?

I didn’t know this, but it sounds nice.

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Yep, he seems to be a deeply unpleasant man. Has been barred from the Senedd several times.

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i think its probably this. ‘Parish council chair, Jane Imbush said: “Whoever is responsible is driving through the village, stopping and either leaving large dog food size bags full of dog poo, or tipping small, filled bags of poo out of larger bags on the roadside and in streams.