Low - Rolling Thread

Dec 01 Arts Centre Norwich
Dec 02 Opera House Buxton
Dec 03 St. Georges Church Brighton
Dec 05 Union Chapel London
Dec 07 St. Georges Bristol
Dec 09 Minster Halifax
Dec 10 St. Lukes Church Glasgow
Dec 12 Empire Belfast
Dec 13 Christchurch Dublin
Dec 14 Set Theatre Kilkenny

Tickets go on sale (for most shows) on 16 September.


Norwich! :heart_eyes:



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Their Union Chapel gig in February 2003 was simply amazing (and very cold). If you were there you’d remember that as a 10/10 gig.


Which one did you go to? Friday or Saturday?

I was there on the Saturday. Yep, it was probably my favourite gig of all time.

I went on the Friday. I remember the anti-Iraq war march which I went to was the next day. Kind of pissed off I didn’t get a Saturday ticket.

Yeah, we’d been at the march during the day and then went to the gig in the evening. We’d not really warmed up from standing (and walking incredibly slowly) round London all day, and then the gig was also freezing.

Just remember how amazing the acoustics were, how perfect Mimi and Alan sounded together (even though Alan was in a bit of a grump) and how cold it was. Just so, so good

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Don’t think I could have done the Saturday one. Spent all evening in a pub warming up.

This is great!
Have yet to see Low live, been on my bucket list for years.
Kilkenny in December, should be special.

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Going to grab tickets for Belfast for sure. Seeing them in Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin would be great also. Is it too much to ask that they play the Christmas album in full?

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norwich :slight_smile:

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Checked Ticketmaster & the London Union Chapel show is billed as "Low - A Christmas Performance"
A good chance they’ll do the Christmas album.
Really excited about this regardless, but that really would be something else.

Looks brilliant - candlelit at Halifax Minster

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I was hoping to go to Brighton as it’s on the Saturday but now you may have just swayed me…decisions!

Ah was it in 2003? I had it on my list as 2004, will need to update it. It’ll be the 14th time I’ve seen them, happy times.

They’ve confirmed on Twitter that it’s a special Christmas performance

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Oh to even only hear Just Like Christmas live… one of my favourite Low songs.

Listened to the Christmas album yesterday because I was excited after Alan confirmed on twitter that it would be a Christmas songs show.
It was bizarre listening to it at the start of September but still great.

Resident Records had some tickets on for presale (phone or instore only). Picked mine up this morning. Can’t wait, especially if it’s as good as their Hove gig in December a few years ago

London tickets booked!

Norwich tickets booked!