Low - Rolling Thread

Going to have to set aside some time for this. ‘Starfire’ being there swayed me.

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Maybe their cover of “back home again”? Or another cover

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Great shout cheers

This has made me very sad. So much love from the musical community :broken_heart:


By all accounts the funeral yesterday sounds incredibly warm, loving and moving.

Guests were given a card featuring Mimi’s recipe for profiteroles, which is just such a caring and lovely touch

And this photos of all their bass players is very powerful too.


I think this is a beautiful description of their artistic (and personal) relationship:


Didn’t know Maosm had played bass for them


I’m sure I recall Mimi making a comment about Alan’s extended solo on “on my own” at the brudenell which makes me think of that last paragraph

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There are some lovely details on the Low Facebook fan-page, many from people who are friends of the family


This is from a newspaper article and explains the fabric patch:

“True to form, memorial guests left with gifts: each family was able to pluck a rose from bouquets at the front of the church and squares were cut and offered from a quilt Sparhawk and Parker received when they were married.”



I’ve found that group to have been a rare delight this past week (and before to be fair), almost impossible to find a completely non-toxic FB group.

Absolutely heart-breaking offering. So much love on display.


It reminded me very much of Orson Welles’ famous saying that ‘the enemy of art is the absence of limitations’.


Reckon this sounds naff but at the same time it’s cool he’s covered three different low songs now

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Yeah that sounds like something he’d say


I don’t mean to detract from Mimi’s passing, but I’ve got something on my mind right now

I was talking to a few friends earlier and learned that they’d both escaped from oppressive religious upbringings

one was raised a Jehovah’s Witness, and the other was raised a Mormon, and the latter sounded as bad as the former

I’ve never really thought about Mormonism much, beyond passing viewings of things making a mockery of it. I didn’t realise how shitty a religious sect it was

I’m struggling to reconcile what my friend told me about it + her experiences with Alan + Mimi having been pretty devout?

I had a look and didn’t find much, but I did see one interview where Alan talks about it being a broader church than the cult-like thing my friend described

still though, seems like it’s fundamentally at odds with Alan + Mimi’s generally compassionate views?

idk. it’s just bothering me a bit thinking about it.

Who’s to say they didn’t struggle with it? Not having a go or anything but I think a lot of people misconceive how people interact with their faith.


I’m sure they have struggled with it, I’m just thinking that things at the core of said church are the sorts of thing I would have thought they’d walk away from, as clearly conscientious people

when I found out about my friend’s experiences and what she told me, it made me feel really conflicted. that’s why I want to know more, really.

I think there are different ‘shades’ of Mormonism similar to being a Christian in this country and so I’d be careful about taking someone’s experience (which is perfectly valid and important to note) and assuming that it’s commonplace for everyone. Plus the separation of having a faith and being a dedicated follower of the specific aspects of organised religion. The fact they operated very much as a secular band suggests to me that they were more of the former, and could well have had issues with certain aspects of the Church


^yes, really well-put. I’ve made no secret of having a Christian faith but there are parts of the church (big and small c) that make me incredibly uncomfortable. None of these are enough to take me away from my core faith.

From all accounts of Mimi (and I don’t know that much about Mormonism as opposed to mainstream Christianity) she seemed like someone who tried to live out her faith with kindness, warmth and love.


Certainly can’t speak for mimi and Alan and i don’t know a lot about mormons in general but faith and sects is a tricky one and i would be very careful of having too polarised a view of it.

My brother is a very chill and deeply good human being and he’s also a jehovahs witness. Now that’s been a hard thing to reconcile and after nearly a decade our parents still haven’t made their peace with it. There’s a huge disconnect between “jws believe this terrible stuff” and “you’re a decent Liberal man with OK beliefs”.

What do Christians believe? Some of them believe that gay people go to hell and burn forever. A lot of them don’t believe in hell. A lot of them are gay or are very positive about the gay community. There’s not as much variety in some of the more strict sects but there’s still way more variety than you’d think.

And the Sparhawks weren’t converts, i don’t think, they were born to it. It’s a bit like criticising fish for living in a polluted sea. And who’s to say what bits of it they struggled with and what form their faith took? If their faith drove them to make reprehensible comments or take terrible actions then we can criticise but i don’t think we should criticise the faith itself.

As far as I’m aware their faith didn’t lead them to say or do anything awful so, frankly, well done to them if they managed to square that circle and stay true to each other, their god and their music.