Low - Rolling Thread



Beautiful stuff


Fuck me “fly” is stunning.


Great to see a band still willing to take chances after nearly 25 years. They could so easily have disappeared down the bland ‘Americana’ rabbit hole that The Invisible Way suggested but instead they have made the most radical and some of the most brilliant music of the career. Ones and Sixes was a superb record and this new one promises to be amazing.


Can’t say they down any bland rabbit hole with this campaign (haven’t actually watched yet).


The music is great and possibly the most sonically adventurous of their career.


Can’t believe how good this is.


I’m desperate to watch it, but absolutely no chance until I get home.


If the rest of the album is as good as these three tracks it’ll be the best thing they’ve done. Which is amazing, really.


It’d make a great video game soundtrack actually. Reminds me of some of the end bits of FFXV or that Silent Hills trailer


sounds pretty empty to me on first listen. Think it would be nicer without any vocals as they seem to detract from the experience of the music for me.


Three new tracks…and an album announced for my birthday.

Low saving my year, again


Nnnngg don’t usually listen to singular tracks in advance but gonna have to bite on this occasion. Feedback sounds amazing


No idea how it sounds empty, but how would removing the vocals help if it did?


oh cool i can start talking about this album!

that triptych above is the opening three tracks of the album and it is generally pretty representative, there are only one or two that sound more like “classic Low”. It’s produced by the band and BJ Burton (who also did Ones and Sixes) and is also Bon Iver’s engineer, so basically it’s a kinda similar vibe to 33, A Million but, you know, Low’s music zapped through some mad vacuum.


Sounds like they’ve gone a couple of hefty strides further down the path they started on with Ones and Sixes, perhaps emboldened by the reception that record got. Excellent news.


yeah pretty much!


Looking forward to this. Just pre-ordered the clear vinyl from Normans.


Just the kinda thoughtless meanddering vocals with uninteresting lyrics and a very static melody detracts from the interesting production choices there IMO


Not really hearing the drums and guns comparison really, that record was a lot starker, bolder and also catchier than these tracks.


You feeling a bit down on Low and Nintendo (2 of my favourite things) today Bam?