Low - Rolling Thread



it’s perplexing to me but about 5 years ago I just started to find Low really bored me. Used to be a huge fan, still really love curtain hits the cast and some bits on secret name etc but I don’t think I’ve really enjoyed anything they’ve done since drums and guns much.

There’s some interesting textures and production on these tracks but I’m just not feeling a magic spark or anything.

Still love Nintendo though :wink:


I’ve not even been a Low fan for that long! But I get that kind of ennui with once-loved bands though, for me it’s with The Decemberists.

wrt Nintendo it is pretty hard to see that press conference as anything other than underwhelming



just put this on



if I ever needed a stunning return to form from Low, it was right at this very moment


^only likes the early stuff


Early and kinda late but not latest :wink:


I think @incandenza said it right with WOAH

Dancing and Blood left me breathless. Pretty sure these take at least parts from their organ piece they did last year, particularly with that middle track the vocals seemed very familiar. Of course drastically different in arrangement from the organ and vocals only.

Very excited to be seeing them next week at QEH, anyone else going?


They put a tweet up saying they played some of these at the union chapel show last year.


Nice, glad my memory isn’t tricking me.


Yes, obviously.


That can happen with bands (it completely happened for me with The Decemberists, for instance) and I can understand it as a reaction to The Invisible Way, which was a bit of a boring album. To their credit though they realised that was a bit of wrong turn and have gone a completely different way. Ones and Sixes was brilliant and this new stuff sounds great. I don’t know how much you have listened to it by to me it is really emotionally affecting as well as being interesting to listen to. The third song - Fly - is intense, especially with the video.


Yeah they played about half of the new album at the organ show


I thought ones and sixes was a return to form, but this is something else.

It’s really interesting to me that Mimi and Alan are the least prevailent of the four on these three tracks, as it’s essentially their band. The new guy has added loads to their sound.


new guy? that BJ Burton fella, y’mean?

yeah. I can’t imagine this just coming from Alan and Mimi, although obviously they wanted this new direction. it’s a more radical departure than I could ever have imagined


Nah the bassist/pianist, the producer too though


Steve Garrington joined Low 10 years ago.


Thanks Wikipedia


Anyway, he’s newer than he is old


I am!


Ones and Sixes was great, though