Low - Rolling Thread




I mean, I should give it another listen. but it certainly wasn’t great. these tunes have knocked me sideways, right off the bat.


I know what you mean, but I think you shouldn’t underestimate the influence of Alan in particular. They’ve done avant garde things before and his own music tastes certainly run that way (he’s a massively knowledgeable Dub fan for instance and I think you can hear that influence in some of the textures they are using). The new producer has probably helped them in achieving what they want but I imagine the decisions come from the core band.


On first listen, these are excellent. A shame they are playing the Cathedral in Manchester as it’s a pain of a venue, but I’ll probably still get tickets.


Listening to it now it feels like it was laying the groundwork for the new songs, starting to experiment with those sounds and textures but not so much with the song structure or vocals.

I am really excited to hear more of how they are treating the vocals. At the Union Chapel gig I was impressed by how both Alan and Mimi were using their voices with a much greater exploration of what they could do with them, but with these recordings there is a lot of great stuff they are doing with the voices beyond that and using them as texture too.

I love Low so much.


Terrible venue - bad sight lines and bad sound for amplified music. Everyone crowds into the middle bit because it’s the only chance you have of seeing or hearing anything so it gets uncomfortably crowded too.


I mean, I can see why they would play there, seems ideal for them, but it’d be better at the Albert Hall.


I think gigs in churches are fine if they are seated - I saw Low at Halifax cathedral on their Christmas tour and it was wonderful. The one gig I went to Manchester Cathedral (Grizzly Bear and St Vincent) they had taken all of the seats out. The floor limit was obviously based on the overall area but as you couldn’t see or hear anything if you were off to the side everyone squashed into the middle bit and it was very unpleasant. I saw Low at the Methodist Hall in Manchester a few years ago - that venue worked well for the,


I’ve ended up with a spare ticket for the gig at the Brudenell on Tuesday. Any takers?


nnnnghh aw man I’m away :frowning:


Didn’t realize it had sold out. Don’t think the last show there did?


Was that the one last summer? Think that sold out quite quickly too.


Never really listened to Low before but this great.I’m assuming form the bits I have heard before, that this is somewhat of a radical departure. Any band that’s taking risks this long into the career are a band I need to delve into. Will check this album out, was disappointed that it’s not out to frickin’ September!


You are in for such a treat if you are about to dive into their back catalog!

This new stuff certainly is a departure, but also hinted at throughout their (utterly fantastic) career.


Anyone else at the Leeds gig tonight?

What an incredibly intense experience. I’ve seen them loads of times, but never so somber and dark as tonight. Alan was wound up very tight and the version of Pissing in particular was was so powerful he was nearly overcome.

Very brave to devote about two thirds of the set to songs from the forthcoming record. It’s going to be incredible.


That sounds brilliant, I can’t wait to see them tonight. Was the new stuff interspersed with old, or did they do it all as a block?


I really wish I could’ve been



Think it’d sound weird hearing the three new tracks separate with how much I’ve listened to them! “Sea” and “Lies” are tracks I’d love to hear live


I was there too. Really good to hear the new stuff live - Fly was the standout for me but really liked the song they said was the last track on the album (Disarray?), which is probably one of the poppiest things they’ve done.

Know what you mean about the mood. Alan really seemed to be struggling to articulate his feelings in the chats between songs.

Anyway, an amazing gig. Whilst dominated by the new stuff, the older stuff we got was fantastic. Pissing (as mentioned) and Whore were unreal. Also, hearing quite a few of the Ones and Sixes songs live again made me realise that it’s absolutely one of their best records.


This is getting me really excited for tonight (not that I wasn’t already).
Pissing always sounds incredible live, so I’m glad it is an almost permanent fixture to their sets.


Not one of my favourites but it always seems to get a good reaction. Can’t remember seeing them and them not playing Monkey