Low - Rolling Thread



They did several blocks of two or three new songs (including at the start) interspersed with the odd old one. Most of the ‘old’ ones were from Ones and Sixes, though they did play Pissing and Violent Past (as an encore following a request.

They didn’t play Monkey or anything else you could describe as ‘up beat’ (although that’s a relative term with Low). Pissing is not one of my favourite songs on record but is great live, especially last night. It ended with about five minutes of squealing discordant guitar, including Alan attacking it with his teeth, before he took the guitar off and stalked around the stage like he was bristling for a fight. Another track that was particularly intense was The Innocents with its refrain ‘All you innocents/ better make a run for it’ seeming pretty apposite to current news.


They did Sea as an encore.


Tonight was good, I really like the new one that has the “can’t you see, can’t you see, can’t you see” bit in it (don’t know the name, it was reworked from the start of the organ piece - I remember the refrain was part of the opening section). Quorum sounded a lot more… conventional? in the live arrangement, so it will be interesting to see how different/not the rest of the new ones are on record.

Also, they made us all hold up masks to take pictures


They were excellent.
Went with my mum, step dad and wife, so a proper family affair and we all loved it.
Added bonus was hearing/seeing Jonsi souncheck in the foyer area beforehand. Some remix of Untitled 6 that was incredible.


I hope something comes of the mask pics. Album inner would be nice please!


Umm… so yeah, this album is pretty amazing. I’ve not been floored by a Low album for quite a while, but this one is something else.


Bah! Too jealous. My most anticipated LP for a long time.
Glad to hear it is good (if not being able to hear it for myself yet).


It’s making me think of Shots & Ladders from ‘Trust’ a lot. Which is a good thing, because that was always one of my favourite tracks on that album.


That is a very good thing.


This is very exciting. It actually tops Ones and Sixes which I thought set a high benchmark as a stunning renaissance.

It sounds - to my ears - like Low aiming for something akin to late night Burial. SPECTRAL.


I think this might be my favourite Low album front to back. There’s no fat on this at all. Most Low albums for me have a few tracks that don’t really click, but that’s not the case here. It’s perfectly sequenced and I find myself always listening to it as a whole, rather than dipping into specific tracks.

It’s probably a tired and unrepresentative analogy, but I got a similar feeling listening to this for the first time, that I got when listening to Kid A for the first time. They don’t sound the same, but the feeling I get is hard describe, but definitely chimes.


Still haven’t got this. Might have to send their PR a saucy email


I’d sort of drifted away from Low after Drums and Guns but this is fantastic, absolutely the sort of direction I hoped they’d head in and it sounds like the sort of record only Low could make. Amazing, getting the chills. Boo waiting til September.


I thought the same, but then if feels more of a wintery album than a summery album to me. Like it’s been left out in the snow, burnt and frozen at the same time. I fucking love it.


I think someone above said it sounded a bit Andy Stott which did it for me straight away. At least there’s something to look forward to at the end of summer!


Tickets for Bristol purchased. Cannot wait.


Okay, this is my favourite Low album now.


I need to hear this.


The innocents is my favourite song of there’s at the moment and incredible live


I’ve probably hyped it up too much for you now… :-/