Low - Rolling Thread



I re-listened to it the other day and it does seem to just keep getting better and better. It’s crazy atmospheric even for them


If it it an extension of the opening three and captures even half of the way they sounded live the other week, then I’m sold.

Considering grabbing tickets for their Amsterdam date, my wife has been asking for us to go on a city break soon…


listening to The Great Destroyer for the first time, why is this not more widely known as being one of the best? i can only take quiet Low in small doses really but loud Low is a wonderful thing.


I’ve always loved Trust, which seems to be the other one that people generally don’t like for some reason I don’t really understand.


Probably because it’s one of their worst, though still good


this seems incorrect. an immediate standout for me i think.


i only know Last Snowstorm which i love but it’s the other one i’ve been intended to check out fully


Just stating the consensus I think


Adore that track especially. Other highlights for me are Shots & Ladders (good reference point for the new album too), Point of Disgust, Tonight and (That’s How You Sing) Amazing Grace.

In fact, going to listen to this again RIGHT. NOW.


The peel sessions for that era were incredible. In fairness all their Peel sessions are well worth listening to and hit the mark more successfully than their albums - I guess the live renditions are a bit rougher and readier which I like


From slightly earlier…this might be my favourite session of theirs


I thought it was really. It’s one of my favourites for sure


Such a great record. The closing few tracks are utter perfection.


coz Pitchfork slated it, no?

but then, I also don’t think I like it very much either. like a lot of Trust, it’s mostly pretty bland?

TWLITF was just the perfect amount of pop, really.


ah i haven’t seen that review. just found it more engaging than a lot of their stuff. i like them but super quiet slowcore stuff is something i don’t listen to a huge amount of so it’s often the case that when a quiet band makes something louder that it’s the album that appeals to me the most (saw them on the Christmas tour the other year and was thinking the loud bits were so good i’d like them to do that more). similarly i think it was The Last Romance that first properly hooked me on Arab Strap (though i love their quieter albums now too)

i’ve listened to TWLITF before but don’t remember that much about it. I Could Live In Hope is the other one i enjoyed the most previously (along with Christmas, obviously) haven’t listened to every album though.


oh man, give TWLITF a revisit! the first and last few tracks are magic. Sunflower and Dinosaur Act obv, but Closer and In Metal also.

my favourite kind of Low is this kind of Low. all luminous and like… an inbetween kind of moment, just lingered on for five, six minutes.


last.fm says i listened to Sunflower twice so that must have been a standout. i’ll give it another spin at some point!


kind of feel excited to share some good deep cuts with you if yr not a mega fan!

fan favourite right here, easily found on their big rarities comp. total heartbreaker <3


i’ll have a look at these after work!


Peanut butter toast and American bandstand :heart::heart: