Low - Rolling Thread



Venus :heart_eyes:


@rich-t @Raanraals yes and yes :heart:


Because You Stood Still off there is one of my all time faves


aw yeah, me too. I went years without listening to that one, too, for laziness reasons.

the string arrangement and drums get their hooks in right off the bat. sublime.


When I was getting into Low, about a decade ago, I seemed to get the impression that The Great Destroyer was the most liked Low album among people who weren’t super into them overall, but less liked among people deeper into the band.

My main issue with it now is that I can’t listen to that version of Silver Rider without thinking how much better this version is:


Same with the album version of murderer and the EP version


Less pronounced a difference I think, for me, where Drums and Guns has such a distinctive unifying sound (even more so than other Low albums) I don’t think so much about that version of Murderer wishing it was the EP one.

While we are waxing on how great the Murderer EP is, From Your Place on Sunset is one of my favourite Low songs. Very glad that I have seen them play it live.


We might’ve been at the same gig then. It was great!


Royal Festival Hall? Can’t remember what year, touring C’mon I think. They did a bunch of songs with the big concert grand piano.


2011 or 12 maybe. Yeah same gig



Also, has Double Negative leaked? Haven’t actually thought about a leak in years…let alone downloaded one. But I’ll definitely get this on vinyl and could do with some new Low right now


i’m really glad that album leaks seem to be less of a ‘thing’ now (i’m sure they still happen but the thing of everyone rushing to download them immediately seems to have become less prevalent, i guess with more people moving to streaming so waiting for release dates again)

always hated how everyone was talking about an album weeks/months in advance and by the time it was actually released it was old news


Not having this. Love the murderer ep version but the LP version is in my top 5


I think a lot of people talking about it might have review copies maybe? No idea about leaks, not something I have thought about in forever either.


Fair enough, whatever version it is an excellent song :+1:


Definitely in agreement that leaks decreasing in popularity being a good thing…I would just make an exception for this. In general though…leaks used to have a pretty negative effect on my listening habits (far too much focus on new releases).


The EP version is my favourite Low song by a wide country mile. And probably one of my favourite songs full stop. Utterly devastating. I remember feeling very disappointed by the album version, but then I do tend to usually fixate on the first version I hear of a song.


This is a lovely Low-related rarity too;


Yes Double Negative leaked at least a month ago.


The first Low track I ever heard on a Peel’s Festive 50 years ago. I was transfixed (which was risky as I was driving at the time!) so Trust was the first album of theirs I heard.

Also, The Great Destroyer is one of my favourite Low albums tbh.