Low - Rolling Thread



I saw Bill Callahan there on the Wish We Were An Eagle tour. It will be an incredible venue to see Low in.

I’m torn between Brighton and London - there are pros and cons for each for me.


c u there

also @jordan_229


I love The Barbican. Have to try and get tickets for this. I think Low will sound amazing there.




I said see you there!!!


Saw low there on their Xmas tour a couple of years ago. Also seen A Silver My Zion there which was amazing. Lovely venue


Can’t decide if I should see Low or Yo La Tengo if I can only do one February gig, hopefully I can do both :crossed_fingers:


I think the big news from Low here is that they"ve stealth announced Glasgow being annexed by Ireland. Nice.


Feels like an easy choice to me :man_shrugging:


Yeah YLT every time


I have only ever seen YLT at an ATP, so never a full set, and would quite like to change that.

But the correct option is to beg for two nights of babysitting, of course.


hoping i can make the london show


It’s streaming, and sounding pretty amazing on first listen.


I just completely buried myself in this today and its so so good. Love the production on this.


I can’t wait for everyone to hear this album! I’ve had it a couple of months now and i’m still not tired if it. Stunning. If anything else betters it this year i’ll be absolutely astonished.


Pretty incredible this. Roll on Bristol


Where you at that low Christmas one where some wrecked guy kept getting on stage


Yeah, think we chatted about this after the gig. Started funny/weird but I’ve never seen a crowd turn against somebody so quickly


That was Tanglefoot Tony, he’s a regular at a lot of Brighton psych gigs and always very, erm, enthusiastic.


I was generally onboard with his antics until he tried to get on stage and sit down, could have easily knocked out some pedals or something, band seemed to support him though, think they said ‘be cool, he’s been to more gigs than you have’ if I remember correctly