Low - Rolling Thread



I wasn’t at that show but at psych gigs he’s good fun and a nice chap, I can’t imagine his antics transferring well to a Low gig in a church though!


As I said, it started of fine with singing and dancing in the first half. But the tone and goodwill from the crowd totally changed in the second half after he basically ruined a couple of tracks and tried clambering over the stage. Ended up being chucked out, but low were alright about it


I have purchased some Low tickets for the Barb. Totally forgot they went on sale, so row Q :frowning: (everywhere is dece at the Barb though right?)


Missed the 10 launch too :frowning:
Grabbed front row of the balcony, which is always jolly enough.


Stalls will be fine (see you there!). That upper gallery bit is the only place I’d avoid.


Oh shit, those were the only tickets left. :frowning:

Oh well, hopefully it will be okay.


Not sure where I’m sat. @aboynamedgoo ?


Oh wait, it’s stalls! Phew.


We’re row Q.

Drinks before / after?


Or both!


well obviously


Row P - middle section of the stalls.



Right below @plasticniki!


Depends if they’re in the central section or the wings.


wings :frowning:


Finally sat down and listened to this



Sounds a bit ropey


This is good.


Not having it at all that there is even one bad seat at the Barbican.
Gig will be ace wherever you are sat.


I went to the infamous sun kil moon gig there, was in the very back row, can confirm these seats were terrible