Low - Rolling Thread



You’re totally right; no idea what I was thinking in expressing a view. Not having it at all.




The album is incredible. Will be intrigued to know how they will do this live - are they going to go for dystopian video reels and backing loops so you get the same experience as watching the videos to the triptych of songs they released, or are they going to go for ‘live’ versions of the songs? Hope to find out


At the Brudenell gig in June they played most of the new album as live versions, but you never know. The live versions were still incredible mind.


Cheers. A live version of Tempest might be a good thing! Weirdly I felt Radiohead’s Kid A/ Amnesiac songs sounded better live but that it might be the other way round for these songs for Low


Hubba hubba


Totally forgot the tickets went on sale :woman_facepalming:


Got a ticket. Going on my own as no one I know likes them. This is advantageous as I got a good seat.


Here’s my review


Great write up :+1:
Have somehow managed to avoid listening to the whole album in the hope of waiting til release day, not sure I’ll last the week tbh.


Good review, two niggles:

Bon Iver’s s/t album is not beige in any way

Low have never sounded like She & Him


Gonna have to disagree with you there I’m afraid.

Fine, Oasis then


I think I would have believed the person saying they would sound more like burial


This album is incredible.


I was there too. It was quite odd. The bloke was very apologetic on twitter afterwards, and I thought Low handled it very well.


Seatwise there’s lots to be said for solo missions!



Nice write up.
I’m loving the record, though feel like Tempest would be better for dialing down from the red just a shade or two.


Y’see I really liked it for that reason, if only for the fact I was expecting the album to trail out after the first three tracks and then it just sits you. Always Trying To Work It Out works well after it too i think.


True, I didn’t expect further dives into distortion following the initial three tracks.
I think I just need to hear it away from the NPR stream to get the depth and dynamics properly coming though. Will grab the record on Friday.