Low - Rolling Thread



London is booked!


Buxton booked!


Belfast sorted! :guitar::santa:


They played there before and it was breathtaking. Sat right at the front and it blew me away. So so good.


London: BOOKED


Can tickets only be bought through Seetickets?


DICE for the London show (no booking fees).


Think they’re on alt tickets too


I bought them through Music Glue


You’ve wasted £2.50


Didn’t even think of Dice. Urgh.


Buxton on a Friday night fun times or Union Chapel with work the next day back up north. Buxton would be much easier but never been to Union Chapel before and Low would be the perfect first time I think. DiS, help me choose please :slight_smile:


Well there are always gigs on at union chapel , Buxton opera house isn’t really a typical touring venue


Looks like Monday show already sold out, 2nd show added on Tuesday which I’ve just booked on Dice for.


I would agree, always good seeing things in odd places. Although Union chapel is lovely … Although it is a pain having to get there early to get a decent view.


Shame the Bristol show is same day as Pixies’ first gig in Cardiff in over 20 years.


Yep, I’m leaning towards Buxton. Plus they have the excellent Buxton brewery nearby and not a school night


Great there are no age restrictions either - planning to get tickets for the whole family


Tickets booked for Kilkenny show.
On my 3rd Low album this morning in the office.


Got four tickets for Halifax Minster. Will be my lad’s first gig, to be swiftly followed by Sabbath in January.