Low - Rolling Thread



Yeah I was lucky enough to get a better quality stream. Not sure if it’s just me but the beginning of Fly sounds different on the album to what it does on the “triptych”


When is this out sorry?




Totally with you on the too-much-gunk-with-tempest train


It is an absolutely perfectly sequenced album.


LP ordered. Only listened through once, so looking forward to getting stuck in properly


this was quite nice in a weird way.

Kept waiting for something to happen though.


I enjoyed your piece but you keep referencing things like horror films and dystopian sci-fi, which I find hard to understand. Is it only me who finds it wonderfully soothing and immersive? Stuff like Quorum and Tempest remind me in feel of their version of Little Drummer Boy: built around that beautiful guitar/feedback loop that you just sink into.


Maybe Quorum in a way but definitely not Tempest


Boo, hiss etc




A desperate grab for some sort of meta indie points.


haven’t clicked but I assume that’s a quote from the review about the album’s production?


There’s always one. I’ve got money on Pitchfork dissing it too.


Nah, they’ll give it 8.1 (i.e. awkward ‘not quite BNM’ status)


I should be used to this with Pitchfork, but seeing the 3.1/10 has made me laugh. Decimal music scores are so strange.


Pictchfork giving British Sea Power a score of U.2 : Now THAT was a strange review!


I’ve listened to it twice through now, it’s not that great.

Best parts are when it quietens down and there’s almost some songs in there.

Some points I’m not even sure there’s anything beneath the distortion and super aggressive compression.


Those are the best bits!


Seems to me like the most obvious sub-textual statement about “ooo 2018 is fucked up” though.

In my opinion they did this better on Drums n’ Guns where the melodies were inherently unnerving and the production choice of panning things hard left and right felt more interesting.