Low - Rolling Thread



Think I need to listen to this properly. Only tried the NPR stream once and it was as though every ten seconds someone was adjusting the volume. Streams are never great quality though tbf.


No that’s how it sounds


Aye I know :smiley:
but the poor quality stream from a tablet is hardly the best way to enjoy a new Low album either.


listening to this again for the first time in a while, and yeah, it’s something alright



This must be how everyone else on DiS feels whenever I slag of Kanye West… :-/


Low have always been one of those bands I like but have never loved. This album is great though.

Not sure why my brain jumped to it, but it feels like something Sigur Ros should’ve done after Takk… as opposed to that horrible album with the really long title.


Alan & Mimi still have nice voices that work well off one another but I feel they haven’t really done anything great for well over a decade now.


But enough about the latest Mark Kozelek records :wink:


Well he did write Gustavo so all is forgiven :slight_smile:


Aye when he still did songs he was mint.


he still does songs sometimes! There’s a few on this year’s self titled and tonnes from last year too.


I meant good songs :wink:
Im only keeping you going mate I’m a big Kozelek fan.


I only defend him because he’s the last person I still look forward to new music from. Everyone else got boring


Maybe it’s your taste that has changed
Also it’s weird jumping between two threads talking to you :smiley:


yeah I definitely want something more grumpy and esoteric these days.


Can this not turn into an arguing with Bam thread


Nah that’d be a bit unwarranted and mean spirited.


I’m not arguing!


Fair enough, I just think it sounds really lovely and dreamy.

I only really like Murderer off of Drums n Guns.


How has everyone already heard this (have I missed first stream or summat)? Anyway I’m very much looking forward to this tomorrow. Will have to be something special to better Ones & Sixes (yeah I came to them late and that’s my go-to album, ok)