Low - Rolling Thread



Yep, stream was posted a few days ago


Any place is a good place to start with Low. :slight_smile:


Buy Low, sell high I always say


Do you genuinely not like any new music at all?


not much really


That’s a shame. I think that music is as good as it’s ever been.


yeah it probably is, it’s probably just that I’ve heard a lot of it


I’ve managed to hold out and not hear this yet. Tomorrow will be good :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve caved and listened once. Cannot wait to dive in properly


Jealous of you tbh


Just listened to it in the bath with the lights more or less off. Works.


Pitchfork giving it an 8.7 BNM (for those that care for ridiculous decimal reviews).

Got a long train journey this afternoon and looking forward to diving in properly, away from the NPR stream.


I’ve never been more happy to lose a bet.


Album is amazing but agree with some comments that Tempest is just a bit too much, it breaks the flow for me and will probably end up being skipped. The triptych at the start and then Always Up onwards are some of the best music they’ve put on tape.


It’s funny how that one is the divider. I absolutely love it, particularly when that deep bass at the end comes in and annihilates everything. I found I needed it after the slightly more straightforward Fly.


100% this


I’m warming to it, now I have a better quality version. Still wish the distortion was a little warmer, rather than essentially digital clipping, but I’m just delighted that 25 years in, Low are still able to completely fuck with expectations.


Resisted listening to the NPR stream.

I’ve been listening to the album proper, on repeat, this morning.

This is actually incredible, isn’t it.


this is a fuckin’ belter - need to get the record I think, it’ll be a great autumn soundtrack to the world slowly ending


I knew it was going to be good - having heard a few tracks and seen them live in June but…

My god it’s good.