Low - Rolling Thread



Album of the Year. Album of their Career.



Never quite fallen for Low for some reason. All the elements are there for something I should love but it’s never quite happened.

But this is incredible.


My only problem has been resisting the urge to get up every couple of minutes to check I’ve not got fluff on my needle. That apart, it’s a masterpiece.

The moments when the voices break through the fuzz like pure beams of sunlight on cloudy days (especially Mimi on Fly) genuinely almost move me to tears. Amazing.


can’t believe you’re all going nuts over this really average record.


It’s ok to like different things Bam


I guess :frowning:


can’t wait to pick this up later and listen tonight. Heard the 4 tracks on spotify but have resisted the streams etc.

This thread has built up expectations though so it’d better not let me down :smiley:

Weird being so excited about a new album from a band 20 years after i first got a record by them!


Listening on Spotify on headphones. It’s not an easy listen is it?
Agree with @bornin69x above, when Mimi’s voice breaks through it’s wonderful, but then her voice is definitely one of the best around.
My favourite song of theirs is ‘Lies’ from the last album, when she comes in at the end always blows me away.


That’s okay, i’d rather stick several forks in my eyes than sit through a Mark Kozelek related album these days. Each to their own.


don’t think you would actually though because you’d end up in hospital in a lot of pain that way



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I don’t know how you stop getting them


I haven’t listened to it yet, but it’s clearly the very opposite of “really average” by most accounts.


Alright captain popular


It’s literally just threads I’ve posted in and haven’t replied to.

But back to the album




well listen and judge for yourself :slight_smile:


^ a billion times this!
I still remember buying a CD copy of ‘I could live in Hope’ when I was about 16. I had NEVER spent money on a CD without having already heard it before at a mate’s house or something but I had heard the Low cover of ‘transmission’ on a Joy Division covers record and I really loved.

I remember being in Our Price or something and holding ‘I could live in Hope’ and seeing that ‘transmission’ wasn’t on it but I really wanted it anyway and I bought it and went home feeling really really nervous OH GOD WHAT IF I’VE WASTED MY MONEY AND IT’S TERRIBLE AND I DON’T HAVE ANY MORE MONEY AND OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE.

Stuck it on as soon as I got home and within the first 10 seconds of ‘Words’ I was in love. Played that CD to death and it remains one of my favourite ever records.

So strange to thing that that was more than 20 years ago: I’ve got married and had kids and a career and stuff but I’m still really excited by the same band!


Lovely post!