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Is there anyone good I can I download a hi-res copy of this? Bandcamp is still in pre-order mode, and iTunes is…iTunes.


I’ll be getting my vinyl tomorrow. Could give you the DL code?


Ah, you gent. Kind offer, but I want to give them money!


Dunno then mate. Don’t they have a DL link on chairkickers.com


I’m not really a downloading sort of person so ahm oot




Aha, SubPop have a digital copy on their store. Not sure why I didn’t think of that, tbh.


Yeah, that is a pretty special record.


Not feeling it yet INMYIMHO. Will give it another spin tomorrow


this sounds pretty great on first listen
bit ian william craigy in parts


Reminds me of sticking my fingers in and out of my ears as a kid because the hoover sounded painful


That’s a great comparison


It does doesn’t it? Knew it sort of reminded me of something but I couldn’t put my finger on it. The combination of beautiful vocals, static, distortion and deconstructed sound coming apart at the seams.


Love fucking soy boys having a cry cos Low have released some songs with some chest hair. It’s just a bit of distortion ladz!!


Somebody in the graphics department is getting a bollocking today…


comparison of the year 2018


Waited until yesterday for this and glad I did. It really is wonderful. Gets better and better on each listen. Really think this one’s gonna keep revealing layers for a long time.
The TV who quite likes them really hated it when I put it on last night, due to it not sounding like Low… my counter of that’s the whole point hasn’t convinced her yet.
Gutted I won’t be able to see them on their upcoming tour.


this is going to be my go to retaliation album for the noisy neighbours, think the added element of ‘what actually is this’ will add to the annoyance at volume


Rome (Always in the dark) is going to be an absolute monster live.


I’ve always kinda liked Low without ever being able to get properly into them but reckon this could be the one to do it based on first impressions. Also went back and listened to Ones and Sixes the other day after getting hyped about this one’s release, it totally slipped by me when it came out but is also fantastic eh? Maybe a bit long if anything but bridges the gap between normal Low and DN Low nicely.

For what it’s worth, big fan of Tempest here

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I’m enjoying the classification of the album on AOTY as ‘ambient pop’. I feel that could be seriously misleading for the casual listener.