Low - Rolling Thread



it’s cool to hear them switching up their sometimes samey sound at this stage in their career but not sure how much i actually enjoyed listening to this. was ready to turn it off after the 4th track but then stuck with it as the 5th track started and sounded nice. the rest of the album settled into a nicer groove of ‘sounds like Low with some weird bits’ but the first few just didn’t do anything for me.

i know it’s the same producer and an already inevitably comparison but it reminds me too much of 22 A Million which is of course dreadful


i’ve always been a bit like this, but the ones that do it for me are Christmas (obviously), I Could Live in Hope, and The Great Destroyer


It’s not really doing it for me at the moment either, sadly. I know what they’ve set out to do but not quite sure it’s for me. Dunno, might just need a few more spins


They’re such an incredible band. To be honest Ones and Sixes and The Invisible Way and some of C’Mon didn’t really do it for me, I thought they might have lost a bit of the magic that was so evident on all the albums before that, but this new one is a different kettle of fish. They have a failsafe formula in that their vocal harmonies sound like a fucking crystallised version of ideal humanity, but what takes it to the next level is their willingness to experiment and a kind of dark lyrical abstraction a la Wire.

A message to all the Haterz: just relax and enjoy it. This is a massive album from a massive band :blush:


oh right now that you’ve told me that i like it now




Dancing and Blood and Fly as a pair are absolutely stunning though… hoping today is the day the rest clicks


Really like the new Low album but wish their other albums had similar production?

Simply listen to your old Low albums and try the following technique in time with the gif below.




I’ve got a slightly dodgy speaker cable and was genuinely unsure if it was cutting out or not during one song


I thought the NPR stream was fucked. Even beyond listening on crappy tablet speakers.


I’ve been trying to like this album but when listening to it I end up quitting and putting on Andy Stott instead and enjoying that a lot more.






Got my badge on


This is the first Low album I have ever heard and I like it.


for the record this album isn’t dreadful at all, i just can’t see myself getting into it unfortunately

gone right off Bonny Bear over the years but 22 is still a big improvement over the second album tbf. still found it a bit annoying though and this album gives me some unfortunate flashbacks


I remember having that with MBV’s Loveless though - thought the tape was f*cked. Ended up being my favourite album of all time.

I thought Kim Gordon was taking the piss with her vocals on Dirty. Still my favourite SY album (real noise :wink: ).

(I was around 16 at the time of these though…)

Many of the most ‘challenging’ albums I’ve listened to have ended up being my favourites. On my first run through of Double Negative now…(fingers crossed)


i still can’t past that tbh


it seems really good based on a single listen

think my favourite low album might be drums and guns

these are some of my opinions of the band low