Low - Rolling Thread



saturday night in st lukes, have yet to go there for a gig, this could be just the one.


Well I live in London and love the Union Chapel but am going to Buxton. Not sure that helps…


Buxton booked!


Anyone got 1-3 spares for the Monday night at Union Chapel, London, hmu


Left Halifax Minster too late and it’s sold out. Venue looks beautiful. Looking at the Buxton show now instead.

Must be about 15 years since I last saw Low - had Kings of Convenience in support on that occasion. Was good.


Buxton looks a great venue too. We’re staying over as its a Friday night and making the most of the pretty little town, the Buxton Brewery pub nearby is great.


Yeah, venue does look good. Probably a bit warmer than a church in the middle of December too. I remember seeing Grizzly Bear at Manchester Cathedral and it being bloody freezing.

Will probably have to drive (or miss half the set to catch the last train) which will unfortunately limit beer opportunities, but thanks for the recommendation.


Bloody love a bit of Christmas don’t they


Limited press on vinyl via rough trade:


I remember they did an interview last year where they said they were very open to doing another xmas record…got excited and then realised it wasn’t…


Might have to work away and miss the Buxton show. Will probably sell em off cheap or give them away if so, so if someone wants them shoot me a message incase


Was very enjoyable last night!


Anyone have a spare for London on Monday (can’t make Tuesday)?


I did exactly this! I remember there being lots of ‘stop the war’ placards at the gig :slight_smile: Alan pretty much refused to comment on anything politically but I remember there was a support chap (he had a bunch of children’s toys and loop pedals if memory serves; no idea who he was) who had a bit of anti-war bants.


just bought my ticket for Belfast on the 12th. lovely.


Long shot but I would snap the hand clean off anybody with a spare for the Halifax show. And reimburse them for the ticket also, of course.


It wasn’t King Creosote was it?


Sadly not. That would have been amazing!


Brighton was great but quite odd.


Yeah, got a bit tense