Low - Rolling Thread



Best early period : “I could live in Hope”
Best mid period: “Things we Lost in the Fire”
Best late period: “Double Negative”

Beyond that… don’t make me choose!


Totally depends what you want out of low really. Such a versatile band.


Anyone want a ticket for Manchester?
16th October
I’ll knock a fiver off the face value so its…£25 (i think!)

Gutted can’t go as they are always phenomenal but should make Brum next year. Really looking forward to hearing some new stuff live.


The only Low I’ve ever really listened to was the Christmas EP (Just Like Christmas is amazing), but was never grabbed by the other songs (from what little I heard of them). But after crawling through eMusic trying to find something to download I came across The Great Destroyer and really quite enjoyed that, so I think I’ll give the other two or three albums of theirs a download also. I’m now having a listen to the new album (just on track three at the moment) and am so far quite liking it and considering getting a ticket for the Barbican show next year. Thus ends my Low (re)discovery story.


Do you know how to waltz > Lazy > Always trying to work it out. Ridiculous tbh.



anyone taken this?


not yet (i’ll have to 100% confirm tonight with the wife but sure its still available)…


This album is incredible. If pushed though, I’d say I find Rome more jarring than Tempest.


I think this has more of all the things I didn’t like about 22 A Million with almost none of the stuff that did capture me from that album …


ignore - meant to message


You know what, Tempest is actually kinda catchy isn’t it?


I remember people saying that it was considered a divisive track but I thought it was fire emoji. Maybe cause I’m not so familiar with Low.

This album encouraged me to book a ticket to see 'em in January. Also, Alan’s interview with Ben from Death Cab on the Talkhouse podcast is worth checking out.


I will listen to that, thanks for the heads up.

I guess Tempest is maybe not so standard and is also one of the ones where the teeatment of the core song is more extreme, but I personally love it.

Can’t wait to see them at the Babrican, even if I waited too long to get my ticket and have a rubbish view.


Wouldn’t say catchy but it definitely doesn’t disrupt the flow for me like other folk have said


Tried singing along to it yet? “IKKYLAIR… IKKYLAIR… EEELAAYYY”

(just me, then)


think I’m going to see Low at some point as a mate got tickets.

Will probably be good


I saw Low in Paris on Saturday and can confirm that it was, indeed, good.


Bristol is currently very good


Manchester roll-call tonight:

yer boy @incandenza


What’s yer new stuff sound like live? Slightly curious about how it translates considering it’s such a ‘studio’ sounding record.