Low - Rolling Thread



Yeah, was rather strange. Incredible, but that one chap added an edge to a gig that didn’t warrant it


Wonder if he was on something, or ill, or just the worlds biggest low fan


Mixture of the former and the latter. Was nice when he first did it (Just like Christmas?) But he was definitely pushing it during thesecond set and eventually went too far, especially after a bit of a talking to


What happened? (If it’s easily repeatable)


Basically, an older dude sat in the front row was getting way into the music (standing up and dancing, singing/shouting ect…) which was alright during the first set as it seemed harmless enough.

During the second set he started getting more and more involved with the band (trying to get on stage), punters behind him left, he and the security interrupted a track. Eventually he tried to get on stage again after security and Alan had effectively told him to calm down, and got himself kicked out.

Wasn’t anything major, but some of the audience didn’t appreciate the interruptions


Was it a first set of Christmas and then a general second set?


I’ve not seen an audience turn on someone like that before. Went from ‘Leave him alone, let him stay’ to ‘KICK HIM OUT’. Quite difficult to watch at times as the people next to him tried to stop him getting up again and he wasn’t having any of it.

He fucking loves Low though. Wonder is he will be at the Union Chapel.


Basically an Chris set then a set of stuff from the newest album


Isaak, Rea, Tingle


I see Robert Hampson of Loop is doing a “solo guitar” performance on the 8th. I assume solo guitar means something different from this?:






One spare ticket for the Union Chapel tonight. If anyone needs one let me know.


My friend looks like being stuck in Birmingham, so putting the feelers out if anyone wants his ticket? Face value or nearest offer. Meet at venue.


Posted this over in classifieds, but @colon_closed_bracket suggested posting here too, so here I am!

After a single ticket for tomorrow’s Union Chapel gig if anyone has a last minute spare?

Get me on here or hit me up on twitter, I am @phurbs_17 over there.



Well that was fantastic




There is one seat up on Seatwave for £30 if that’s any use? Nowt to do with me I should add, but that price is not too far above face value I’d imagine.

I saw them in Brighton and it was just spellbinding - been thinking about heading up to London myself tonight but I just can’t justify the cost at the moment, 'specially as the trains are totally shit at the moment.


Excellent show. “Santa’s Coming Over” was sinister as hell :smiley:


Yeah that was one of my favourites from last Thursday. I’m not sure exactly what he does, but I love those momentary bursts of feedback / noise that come from Alan’s guitar - just a second or two every now and again. Very effective.