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I was there too Rich - would have said hello if I’d known you were there

I saw him talking to a couple of rozzers in the street after the show - seemed good humored enough though. I expect he was just getting driven home rather than arrested


Did anyone get to see Katie Harkin (her from Sky Larkin/Sleater Kinney) as support? She was ill so couldn’t perform at the Buxton show but Alan said she would hopefully be better for the rest of the tour. Hope she’s okay.


Saw a bit. She was good. Also played as part of the band for the Christmas set, along with Eric who also supported


have seen almost the same reaction to someone at a Julian cope solo show in Gloucester guildhall
woman was shouting out requests & at first was harmless, but she then started doing it more & more & during the songs esp the quiet bits.& started to get v annoying & she was ejected


Hi hi, I’m looking for a ticket to the gig in Glasgow this Saturday at St Luke’s. Does anyone have a spare one going they’re willing to exchange for monies? :smiley:


they sounded incredible last night … so good to hear the last snowstorm of the year !


Did you all spot that Low are hosting Guy Garvey’s show today? I’ve been doing some consultancy work for 6 Music and commissioned this delicious gif


I loved the Halifax show - the venue was wonderful and the Christmas set was absolutely superb throughout. The augmentation of the band with the two support acts worked brilliantly too - the lap steel on Blue Christmas was particularly wonderful.

I’m not sure the two set structure worked though - the interval drained the atmosphere they had generated and the stuff from Ones and Sixes (which I love) seemed a little flat and one dimensional after the Christmas songs. There were some exceptions- Lies, Spanish Translation and the long version of Landslide were great. I would have preferred them to have lengthened the first set by including a couple of sympathetically chosen non-Christmas songs and adding a conventional encore.

If they wanted to keep the two set structure it may have been better to have played the non-Christmas stuff first. There was no getting away from the fact that was what most people had come to hear and it made the conventional set seem a bit of an anti-climax playing it afterwards.


Pretty much agree with you comments here, although personally enjoyed the 2nd set more than you did - was at the St Georges gig in Bristol and the sound quality was incredible

Their new song, which they played at the end of the concert - “Some Hearts (at Christmas Time)” - was deeply moving (i don’t mind admitting I did tear up) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv_XqW005-w


I did enjoy the second set, I just thought the structure of the evening didn’t quite work. It doesn’t help that One and Sixes is a pretty, dark subdued record anyway. I don’t know if they are playing the same songs from it every night, but they played a lot of very slow, low key ones in Halifax and missed out slightly ‘poppier’ ones like No Comprendre and What Part of Me. I would have loved it more as a stand alone set with one or two older songs mixed in.

I liked that new song at the end as well, but even better I thought was the new Christmas song written and sung by Eric that they played in the first set. That was wonderful.


Belfast show was great. i forgot how good The Empire can be as a venue. i’d never heard Santa’s Coming Over before, wonderfully sinister. love how massive Alan’s guitar can sound at times (and with a tiny amp, proof you don’t need all those Marshall stacks, J Mascis). i quite liked Eric’s song in the Christmas set but missed his opening set.

didn’t have any real audience problems, though someone shouted out for No Comprende in the middle of the Christmas set, and then later near the end of Ones & Sixes set someone started shouting out for Over The Ocean but shouted it about 10 times in a row at the top of his voice, so other people started shouting ‘shut up’ and ‘play whatever you want!’


Aye that 'Over The Ocean ’ guy sounded like a real prick.You should watch the Santa’s Coming Over video it’s very straightforward but with the music is very unsettling. Eric’s set was good, Gaelynn Lea was brilliant. Low brilliant as always and in very good form.


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Playing limited shows in the summer


No problem, any suggestions?


No idea. They are the worst band to search


Hopefully some more UK dates to be added to that. They were so good when I saw them last Christmas in Buxton.


‘Feeling a bit Low about DiS today’


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fucking hell lads i thought maybe they’d announced their christmas gigs really early and i got excited


But you were wrong,
It wasn’t like Christmas at all.