Low - Rolling Thread

That was a good run chase. Great ton from Vince.


God I can’t wait to hear this album now


ahahahhahaha. clearly unsuccessful

Interesting you mention “hymns” - first time I heard Days Like These the thing that struck me was the simplicity of the melody and I could hear it being sung by a choir. Excited if there’s more like that.

Only 2 months to wait :upside_down_face:

Yeah that one really sounds like a hymn doesn’t it. I guess the mormon thing isn’t irrelevant. Sometimes I do feel like I can hear Low as quite a Christian band, though obviously that’s only in my head because I know they have that faith (I think…right?)

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Found an illegal download and listening to it right now… :grimacing:

lyrically its so much more angry and aggressive, and bleak, than they normally are. there was a bit of that in double negative but it’s more in the foreground i think. it’s exactly what i need right now.

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How can I get this illegal download on my phone

It’s definitely in tune with the times :grinning:

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Really love this album. Have preordered the vinyl. I’ve got no way of playing it and only own two other albums on vinyl, but very happy to support Low.

Next single out tomorrow

I liked it, but it didn’t absolutely floor me like DN did. But then, few albums do. I’ve decided after a couple of listens to delete it and come back to it when it’s officially released so I don’t go in with massively high expectations.


OH MY WORD - what a tuuunne!! Love it

This is incredible. Very cohesive. More lullabyish, more warped. I like the singles but there are several stronger songs than them!

Does the new album have the production that makes the volume of the songs fluctuate a lot? (like on the last LP)

  • No
  • YYYYYyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeeeSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssSSSSSSSSS

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Still loving the new one

Did it leak really early or what?