Low - Rolling Thread



Agreed. While The Invisible Way seems to be widely considered their worst (or maybe least brilliant is more accurate as I still really like it), To Our Knees is up there with their absolute best tracks.


Would need to give more thought to come up with my list than I’ve got available at the moment (one for another day). But very good to see secret name as your number one, it would be mine too. Always thought it is very underrated.


That three track run of Starfire-Two Step - Weight of Water is amazing.

Not much to choose between my top 4 though - anyone of them could be my favourite depending on my mood. Drums and Guns is another seriously underrated album in my view. I love its darkness and intensity.


That final devastating one-two of Murderer and Violent Past


Murderer is one of the most devastating songs of all time.

When I’m in the mood Drums and Guns sounds like the greatest album ever - same applies to I Could Live in Hope. I put them below Secret Name and Things We Lost in the Fire in my list only because there is a little more scope and variety on those two albums.


Me too. Top 3 maybe top 5



The Great Destroyer has amazing songs but I have a problem with the production - it just sounds a bit rockist and cavernous at times. It’s almost as if they were trying not to sound like themselves. The songs from it sound great when they play them live though.


HOT TAKE WARNING - I love Low and will be going to see them at the Brudenell on this upcoming tour of sorts. But have they ever done a song better than Words?


Yes. Two Step.


low playing will the night live is one of the most staggeringly beautiful things i have ever had the pleasure to witness.

closely followed by low playing little argument with myself live.


Sorry should have kept this to the hot takes thread. Last thing we would want is that thread spilling over to others…


Did you get to the gig in Ashford in August 2016? They closed with Will the Night :heart_eyes:


that’s exactly the gig i was referring to. i’ve only seen them that once but they were utterly, utterly staggering.


Was a lovely gig that. When the lights came up during the show :open_mouth:

Trying to work out whether either me or the TV will be able to make the Southbank show in June. Severely doubting it though


it was! i’m a bit gutted to now discover that we have been in the same place at the same time and not met, though, rich!

i wondered about the south bank show, but i’m already seeing 65 that week and planning to get tickets to maybeshewill so i’m not sure my budget will stretch to three trips to london in 9 days or whatever it would work out as!



Stayed in a right grotty hotel in Ashford and couldn’t wait to leave the following day. Think we were in the McDonald’s at 6.30am


Top three Low songs:

Nothing but Heart
Little Drummer Boy


is there any other kind? :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the best strategy for dealing with ashford is to leave ashford at quickly as possible!

i do like that church, though. we’ve seen martha wainwright there too and that was pretty cool. i’ve met the promoter who books shows there a couple
of times and she’s quite nice and is working to bring loads of interesting stuff to this part of the country, which is nice cos generally speaking our corner of the world is a bit starved of decent gigs…


I was also at the Ashford show. Was amazing