Low - Rolling Thread

I don’t know if it was the setting or a build up of years with few gigs or the current state of the world but they cut to my core tonight. Had to wipe away tears three times on my count. Absolutely incredible. Fifth time I’ve seen them and definitely the best.

Never a fan of an album play through but this worked completely for me.



Yeah, there are proper toilets downstairs as well, but not enough for a full gig, so they have the portaloos for overspill.

Anyway, back to the Low chat.

Probably my favourite Low set - I mean, the first time I saw them will always be particularly special but this was as good as I’ve ever seen them. So so good.

We had our two girls in tow, which was an experiment that went better than expected! The eldest loved it (and really loved Divide and Dissolve too); I think the youngest was a bit tired by the end but she liked Sunflower and Two-Step.

Hope you’re all keeping well x


That’s amazing. Completely agree this tour maybe being the best I’ve seen them

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Delighted with last night really.

Both bands were incredible, sound was great, everyone friendly and just generally a good time had by all.

Even though I was stuck near the back (poised for bar and bog action) I could really tune in and lose myself in their sound. Incredible reproduction of the album’s complexity, as mentioned up thread, I’d love to see a pedal/effect break down.

If Tindersticks on Sunday are even half as good as they generally are, I’ll have been truly spoilt these last few shows (Protomartyr being spectacular).

I had that frustrating thing where a few weeks ago I was listening to Low a lot and really excited/in the mood to see them, then Protomartyr happened first and blew me away and by the time of the Low gig I was just wanted to listen to nothing but Protomartyr

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Tempted to do both nights

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Thank god theyre staying there. After not being able to actually see them properly at Manchester Cathedral, I’m now going to this. As I’ve not been to Brudenell before, I’d have been gutted if they’d changed venues.


I can’t put into words how happy I am it’s not being moved to the Refectory.

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The Brude is brilliant. Booked

21st low gig for me, 1st for the missus


First time seeing them, so excited.


Managed to snag a ticket last-minute to their Bristol show yesterday. Absolutely wonderful, as they have been every time I’ve seen them.

This exchange with local gig-going legend Big Jeff is just the warmest, most lovely thing too:


So lovely.

There was a point after Days Like These in Dublin where Alan stopped to say “That moment when you start playing a song and everyone cheers makes us feel like a million bucks so thank you so much”. :heart:


Not a massive Death Cab fan but it might be a nice evening out. :man_shrugging:


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Saw Death Cab on their last tour and they were great tbh
Plus, Low were probably the best I’ve seen them a few weeks ago.

A gig with those two bands could be an alltimer tbf

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Just bought myself a ticket to Cardiff on 14th November. Anyone else going? Will go and lurch around on my own if needs be, but gig buddies are always a plus.

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I’m planning on finally seeing Low at this one. Reckon we might be able to get a mini-DiS meet going for it

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Get in. Knew I could count on you.