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Help me decide then


Child might be a month old, could be 6 weeks, could be 2 weeks, who knows.
Shall we a) both attend the gig, asking parents to look after the kid for the evening, b) she’s told me to go alone c) we don’t go

Feel conflicted with this one

  • Both go
  • I go
  • We don’t go

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worth saying that my childcare experience is precisely zero, but as i understand it, opportunities to do nice stuff together are few and far between when you’ve got a wee sprog, and if you have some
supportive friends/relatives who are happy to babysit for the night then i’d take the opportunity to steal a nice night out together.

i’m probably very wrong about this,
though. i don’t really understand how babies work or what their needs are or anything.


You’d make a perfect parent


Not sure Words is in my top 50 Low songs. Still great though


There is a very high chance you will both be too knackered to go, especially if the baby ends up late and so is younger (the difference between weeks at the start is immense).


This is exactly what I needed to hear


Do you need to travel far to the gig? If it’s close by then it might be achievable… A lot of water will have passed under the bridge between now & then though!

Had a similar scenario once which involved an overnight - I went & brought my TV’s brother for a bonding session on her request.

But congrats… most importantly, hope all goes well for you both :wink:


Winchester to Waterloo on the train probably


I am going to revisit TGD today… Always thought it’s a fine album, just not at the same exceptionally high standards & agree this is most likely down to the production.


Just a shame the gig is poorly timed for you, but when baby-t is a bit older there will doubtless be other, better, opportunities.


They played it last year at the organ gig they did at the Union Chapel and it was incredibly beautiful. Can’t decide if that or Do You Know How to Waltz? was the highlight though…


One of those bands I used to love but can’t be bothered with anymore because every song sounds the same and the lyrics are really generic. Couple of standout albums in their back catalogue though


There was a couple of songs where they wholesale reused the chords and melody, think that’s when I gave up listening to them properly. Still stick on curtain hits the cast sometimes though because that’s their best album




oh my god. i really wante to go to that show. that sounds so amazing! :hearts:


(wanted, obviously)


After our first daughter was born, our first outing was a gig (Jarvis touring his first solo album) and that was three weeks after she was born. My mum looked after her. So you can guess which one I clicked.


That gig was absolutely wonderful. My journey home far less so, but worth every minute of delayed, rain drenched waiting.


where did you have to get back to? :frowning:


Only London, but the rain caused the trains to be utterly screwed, took about 4 and a half hours to get back.