Low - Rolling Thread



weirdly, i was just digging through some stuff in my room and found this little self portrait that mimi (possibly? her name was on the sender label) drew on the package when i ordered the box set from their web store a while back.


Blimey. I was also at that gig - managed to bag seats in the front row of the balcony just to the side of the stage. I’d seen Low a couple of times prior to that; but the Ashford gig was something special. My fondest memories are Dinosaur Act, Pissing (which was intense); and the cover of Let’s Stay Together.

Thankfully I didn’t have to stay in Ashford afterwards - as home is only a relatively short drive from there.


i love that the all purpose low thread has become a roll call for one specific low gig in ashford of all places!


If they have done any better songs then… I can’t hear them.


Just a shame that we didn’t do the roll call beforehand…


i know, right? :frowning:


I’ve a similar dilemma - my wife is due our 3rd exactly 2 weeks after end of the rd and 2 weeks before Julien Baker in London. We’ve already shifted on her ticket for eotr so I’m currently aiming to get there with our 8 year old with fingers crossed (and mobile permanently switched on).

I went to a future of the left gig (by myself) 3 days after the birth of our last one. Lasted about 3 songs before flaking out and getting an early train home.

Everyone’s experiences are different but don’t think my wife got to a gig at least 6 months after either of our previous ones - but it’s all Child dependent on their feeding/sleeping needs. Accessible family who are prepared to help (which we don’t have) also invaluable.


How great a track is Violent Past?
I doubt I’ll ever be in a position to feel comfortable with ranking Low records, but it always shocks me how people discard Drums and Guns.


i am fucking gutted they are playing during our LEJOG trip, fucking hell


We’ve decided not to go now. Shitter, but they’ll come round again




Not right though. TV will be recovering and we’ll both be shattered


I’ve only seen Low at festivals before, so the brudenell will be the first time seeing them at a gig. Does anyone know if they normally have any back catalogue of vinyl at the merch stand?


Yeah they do, normally quite a bit


Drums and Guns is excellent. The vocal panning is quite a jarring production decision, though.


After Friday’s “new Low” confusion in the weekly releases thread, we are saved by genuine “new Low”





Great stuff! They’ve been teasing something for a while now.

On first listen the three new tracks are great. I’ll try not to listen to them much more, as I’m really intrigued to hear the LP in full.


Yeah, it’s appears that they are the opening three tracks from the album. Got that Drums And Guns feel to them. Really like them.


Can’t listen yet but I guessed that after they did the organ tour