Low - Rolling Thread

I don’t think I posted this anywhere on here but I got these for £18 total at Avalanche in Edinburgh last month

I saw them live once, it was great, but don’t think I ever checked out any of the records. Nice to hear Alan rock out and shred a bit!


Is one of those the EP? Some of their stuff is middling but also like a lot of it

2 and 3

Although 3 is just two 20 minute tracks. Not sure I’d even heard of that one and it isn’t on Spotify.

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3 is on Bandcamp and is Name Your Price

Downloaded that a while ago and got 2 on CD for a few euro second hand in a shop in Dublin last year.

Don’t have the first album but it’s v good, has a noisy version of Breaker and Take Your Time from Drums & Guns on it.

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Ooh thanks for that!

It would’ve been the first album tour when I saw them as it was at an ATP, so probably 2008 or 2009. I think they played Murderer but I might be misremembering. Some of the really old setlists have Hatchet so maybe it was that.

Aye I counted 3 as an ep.

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Anyone know what Alan is doing for his solo sets?

I’m in Barcelona in November and he happens to be playing, but just billed as Alan Sparhawk.

It is going to be a tough sell to my wife, but I can swing it if worth it. Failing that Fucked Up are playing a couple of days later.

Instagram Live is going on right now!

One year today. Nothing but :heart:


i had low on in the bar at work for my whole shift yesterday. they played at the venue several times over the years.

a few times over the course of the day i spotted people walk in, clock the music and start sharing stories with one another about seeing low play at the venue and so on, which was really nice to see.

was only a little thing but felt cool to be able to do something to celebrate mimi’s memory.

close and sacred :heart:


I think Mimi is the most affected I’ve been by the death of someone I don’t know personally. Just felt like (still feels like) such a loss :heart:


Haven’t even heard the songs and I’m a bit weepy at them…

So glad he’s still around and recording music though.



Fingers crossed