Lower Slaughter Thread

or is it Lowers Laughter?

Lo, wers laughter!

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Superb Owl

Saw em years ago with their previous singer (he sings in Garden Centre now) thought they were amazing. Haven’t seen them with the current singer yet

Oh they’re a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand

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Great band. I have a t-shirt and every time I wear it around the future father in law he says, “I’m sure that’s a village y’know.”

This has been my Lower Slaughter anecdote, thanks for reading.

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Why do you keep searching for them though?

Maybe it’s @Ruffers doing all the searching!?

Not guilty m’lud. As good as that anecdote is I think it’s only worth telling the once.

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It’s no Upper Slaughter, that’s for sure.

Couple of very pretty villages they are.

Perhaps even too pretty.

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The one where the wee river runs alongside the road and there’s a church, trees, village green, Cotswold stone houses.

It’s just a massive stereotype of an English village isn’t it? Surprised it’s not overrun with coachloads of tourists actually.

Is this not a village name?

Reminds me of the mad bloke I played on Countdown who, before the game (the first one on my second day of filming) asked me if I’d won my games “through luck… or SLAUGHTER”. I lied and said a bit of both - I didn’t want to play mind games, but I’d beaten one opponent by 90 points. Smashed this bloke too and he wrote a poem about our game which is somewhere on YouTube and highly entertaining. (Turned out he was also my uni housemate’s maths teacher back in the day - small world!)

Are you my father in law?!

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Yes. I sat on the bench there and ate a sandwich. True bliss.

Certain parts of the Cotswolds are absolutely rammed with tourists, but the Slaughters were relatively quiet when I went!

Play your future father in law at Countdown and see what happens

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Hmm, I think I’d get trounced by either of you tbh, it’d just be different degrees of humiliating defeat. You do look a lot less beardy in the selfie threads tbf so I think I’m safe.

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just got an email telling me they are playing in october

do you think they’ve ever played in lower slaughter (the village)