Lowest Viewed Thread round up


Neglected to do this the last couple of months (apologies) so a couple of awards to give out and an August update.

Many congratulations to @keith for winning June with a measly 47 views.

Also congratulations to @cutthelights who won with a rather high 50 views in July.

@thewarn is in pole position for August but plenty of time for that to change!


pretty damning on all of you that my exhibitions you’ve been to thread only got 2 replies
6.4% of the head cheese thread replies


turns out there just really isn’t an interest in the market for cinematic hot japes, I’ll feed this back to my research team


95 views though!


I might start more threads


Can’t really read those screenshots you dark mode prick




Smell my Head Cheese :smirk:


i find this shocking


You’ve fucked it @balonz.

Archers thread now up to 73. May soon have more views than this thread.

That would be preeeeeety sweet.


Oh no, that is terrible news!!!


Don’t reveal the secret pact!


I think that thread just needs some promotion - get it retitled to be rolling and point people in the direction of it if they post in another thread about going to an exhibition. It was a good thread idea, maybe just not enough recent exhibition goers saw it at the right time?


Fucking gutted