Lowest Viewed Thread round up

Neglected to do this the last couple of months (apologies) so a couple of awards to give out and an August update.

Many congratulations to @keith for winning June with a measly 47 views.

Also congratulations to @cutthelights who won with a rather high 50 views in July.

@thewarn is in pole position for August but plenty of time for that to change!


pretty damning on all of you that my exhibitions you’ve been to thread only got 2 replies
6.4% of the head cheese thread replies

turns out there just really isn’t an interest in the market for cinematic hot japes, I’ll feed this back to my research team

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95 views though!

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I might start more threads

Can’t really read those screenshots you dark mode prick



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Smell my Head Cheese :smirk:

i find this shocking


You’ve fucked it @anon29812515.

Archers thread now up to 73. May soon have more views than this thread.

That would be preeeeeety sweet.

Oh no, that is terrible news!!!

Don’t reveal the secret pact!

I think that thread just needs some promotion - get it retitled to be rolling and point people in the direction of it if they post in another thread about going to an exhibition. It was a good thread idea, maybe just not enough recent exhibition goers saw it at the right time?

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Fucking gutted