Anyone else here a fan? (Will Heggie of Cocteau Twins on bass fact fans)

Yep…I got into them last year off the back of that pretty extensive shoegazing compilation which saw me check out a fair few acts I wasn’t familiar with…Bailterspace and Astrobrite were the pick of those…with Lowlife not far behind…and I got into their LP San Antorium…good stuff…vaguely shoegazey, dreampop, indie-ish stuff…yet another strong Scottish act from that time…probably need to check out more of their back-catalogue now…good job in drawing attention to an overlooked band

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Have to say I’m not really into San Antorium so much… have you heard the ‘Swing’ EP?

Craig Lorentson was a beautiful man

Very much so. Cite Heggie as one of my bass influences. Excellent group, along with Cranes (though they’re of a different ilk).

Not yet desertshore but I shall duly check out…many thanks for the tip

Big fan. Got into them in the mid 80s when all their albums had the ‘featuring ex-Cocteau Twin Will Heggie’ on them. Diminuendo is my favourite, Vain Delights is great too. Shame I didn’t get to see them as they were still playing when I was buying the vinyl. Sometimes the lyrics are a bit cringe but Craig’s voice is so incredible I don’t mind. It’s all about Heggie’s bass though really.