Loyalty cards that you currently have on your person

and how many stamps you’ve collected on each

Local coffee shop 1: 9/9 stamps
Local coffee shop 2: 6/9 stamps collected
Bagel factory: 3/4 stamps collected

I’ll be enjoying my free coffee from shop 1 in approx 30 minutes. I’ve had that bagel factory one for ages, not sure when i’ll next be in a train station and in need of a bagel. I estimate that coffee shop 2 will be completed around the next of next week sometime.


This seems like a fun thread, I’m not in a position to read it at the minute though. Would you mind if I bookmarked it to read later?

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that’s no problem for me at all! x

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Nandos: some chicken, I think
Sainos: some money off my Christmas shop, I think
Tezzas: some credit I’ll exchange for Pizza Express vouchers, I think

Thanks mate x

I hate local businesses

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Cafe No 13 : 8/9 stamps
Brass Monkey Ice Cream : 4/7 stamps
Small Batch Coffee : 6/9 stamps
Montezumas Chocolate : 1/10 stamps
Bison Beer : 3/8 stamps
The Social : no stamps, but discount on showing card
Nectar : 38,789 points

Got my DIY space card, and my Labour card if that counts. No shops.

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sorry but this thread is for stamp-based loyalty cards only, not points cards for supermarkets

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when you reckon you’ll be cashing in that cafe no 13 one, man?

cafe beside work: 2/5 monkeys (it’s an app)
cafe on the way to work: unknown amount (you get points per £ and it takes hunners to get anything, it’s a bollocks)
cafe where i buy beans but not coffee: 2/10 stamps

You sure it’s activated?

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Local coffee shop #1 - 5/6 stamps
Local coffee shop #2 - 1/8 stamps
Local coffee shop #3 - 3/9 stamps
Waterstones card - no idea what’s on here
Local (ish) pie and record shop - 7/10 stamps
Bison beer -1/9 stamps
Waitrose key fob - no idea what’s on here

Nectar card and Tesco Clubcard.

I now work near an M&S and will get a sparks card (didn’t know there was such a thing) as I buy a lot of ready meals from there on the way home.

Well, here’s the thing - a flat white at Café 13 is a massive £2.90 (£2.77 if you bring your own cup) which is ridiculous for it’s location. So I’ve started going to a new shop that opened a couple of weeks ago that’s only £2.50 for a flat white.

I should probably go back to café 13 just to complete the card and then again one last time to get the free coffee but right now I’m feeling cheated every time I buy coffee from them

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There’s a pie and record shop?
There’s a pie and record shop that does loyalty cards?

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13p discount? Come on, cafe 13!!

Pie and Vinyl in Southsea