Lucy Dacus at EartH

Anyone going to the show in EartH tonight?

I saw Lucy last year at Green Man and she was superb. Hoping that she has some new material though as I feel that I’ve played Historian to death since it came out. Got a feeling that Julien Baker might join her for a track or two considering she is in town this weekend too (she was ace at APE though the sound was farrr too bass-heavy).

Also, first time going to EartH for a show. Any good?

I’m seeing Damon and Naomi tonight but would have gone otherwise.

I see that she’s playing the “theatre” rather than the hall. The theatre is brilliant. One of the best venues in London for its size. Maybe get there early for a decent seat if you’re able.


Saw her last week at Primavera. Really fucking good. Played a new song at the end of the set and it was brilliant, utterly riveting.

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Will be there with the TV - we were also at All Points East and watched Julien Baker there. Really enjoyed her set but don’t think playing outdoors is ever going to showcase her songs at their best. Also my first time at EartH! Really looking forward to tonight, have been rinsing Historian over the past couple of weeks.

To the guys going tonight, please post a pic if possible.

Saw her last year just after Historian came out, she’s incredible! :heart:

Seeing her on Tuesday in Edinburgh and cannot wait.

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Julien Baker is in the house tonight (my wife spotted her, not me)…

I also spotted her leaving just before Lucy played Night Shift. She climbed up the stairs on the left hand side of the crowd, was wearing a big coat and cap so obviously didn’t want to get noticed.

What a show though! Glad the sorted the sound out after a couple of tracks…

Braving my least favourite venue in Leeds [fucking Belgrave] to see her tonight. It’s the day of the show and no support announcement, which is utterly typical for the people that organise shows there.

Didn’t think she was big enough to have to do stuff like that. Blimey.

I should imagine it’s because there’s a big overlap in fanbase of Julien and Lucy

Absolutley loved the gig last night - didn’t think the sound had any real problems other than the standard issue overamplification of the drums right at the start. My chief complaint was that my arse was completely numb from sitting on the steps! Thought Liz Lawrence and especially Kitt Philippa were excellent.

The drums were too loud for the first few tracks and the guitars too quiet, but that got sorted.

Thought Liz Lawrence was superb but didn’t catch Kitt Philippa.

Wonderful last night in Edinburgh. Said she was struggling with her voice but you could hardly tell apart from the bit in Night Shift where she really belts it (which the crowd did instead). Couple of new tracks as well, both of them sounded great. Had me welling up a bit. Only complaint was that 2 of the No Burden tracks were the same as she played in Glasgow last year and it would have been great to hear Strange Torpedo but that’s really all I got.

She’s just great lads.

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Yep, all of the above, she was properly good. How was the drums and bass sounding where you were stood? They seemed to be turned up way too loud for the first ten minutes, but that might just be where I was standing at the back of the room.

I was at the back too and didn’t think it was tooooooo bad. Maybe a bit loud at first but balanced out. Guess her vox could have been a tad louder but when you’re working with a sore throat…