Ludicrous work terms (banal?)

I’m currently in a Yamjam. AMA.

What’s a Yamjam?

A sweet potato preserve.

(A live Q&A on Microsoft’s bullshit social media thing that’s part of Office365)

sounds shit



No silly work terms here (probably loads but I cba).

Feeling so so ruddy bloody anxious m8s, over pretty much nothing. Fed up with it tbqh.

Fucking hate Yammer so much.

Every Friday we get an automated email along the lines of “here’s some interesting things your colleagues have been saying this week on Yammer”. None of it is ever interesting and I haven’t a clue who any of those knobs is.


Fed up of ‘critical path’

Fuck. Off.

We got a survey round this morning asking us how much we use its various functions and what would we like to see it used for etc. Every answer I gave was the closest to “it’s shite”.

That at least is a real thing. An actual useful thing that people who know what they’re doing use. And also a phrase that idiots use to describe any manner of other things.

We’ re currently in some deal with Microsoft to use Azure. I’ve got an account but haven’t got round to using it yet. The other week I got a call from them asking how I was finding it. I told them I hadn’t used it yet. He then asked me why I was signed up to use Azure and I told him “because I was told to”. Then he laughed and we went our separate ways.

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What up PN?

I ate a huge salted caramel brownie and now I feel incredibly sick

Worth it?


treat myself to this


Not much, got a train journey later and I was meant to book a train space for and I haven’t, and I’m very anxious that they won’t let us on :confused:

It’s also a wider thing – this is a very small thing right, like, if they don’t let us on we’ll just try the next one, etc, and I’ve done some searching online and apparently the never check / are very accommodating generally. But my brain is still going silly crazy about it. This happens with loads of things with me. Something very small and inconsequential, which in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter but my brain bigs it up and I spend an entire day getting myself all stressed out about it.

critical path = critical condition

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I think I’ve just come

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Blue Sky. “This is your blue sky moment”

What does it mean?