Ludicrous work terms (banal?)

its well tasty. and no palm oil, so good for monkeys and that :+1:
80p :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

Mister blue sky please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long (so long)
Where did we go wrong?…

Sounds like life is telling you to go for a nice relaxing bike ride.

False advertising it will make them obese


Stealing this. Much obliged.

Hey how do you all feel about the term Digital Nomad?

Love a YamJam (not)

One for us is RPRPRT


Yeah I know that feeling.

I’m sure it’ll all be ok and accommodating. Worse case scenario is they won’t let a fully fromed bike on so you just take your wheels off and take it on in parts. Problem solved!

it’s weird how on here we’ll have a thread where there’s only like five posters then someone will make a poll and there’ll be like 70+ folk responding to it

what y’all doing? post some shit yo

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We have loads of “kick-off” meetings for projects that never go anywhere, but I always hope that someone will use the meetings to actually kick off in and start a brawl.

I really hate all of these terms, probably long past the point of reasonable objection.

slack, scrum, route 53, elasticbeanstalk, sprint, agile, kanban, terraform, soap, rest, taco from trello, saleforce, git. I’ll add some more if I think of them so keep coming back to thread

  • My life is exciting and I have something interesting to say
  • My life is dull, so I only have silly things to say
  • My life is dull and I can only just summon the energy to press a button that says “Like” once in a while

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Just went to see Richard Herrings podcast, 'twas good, I wanted to go up and buy something from him at the end put I got overwhelmingly shy and skulked out amongst the shadows instead :confused: I forget how shy I can get. Boooo. Going home now, I bet you all a fiver there will be a missed delivery note through my door.

what the hell is an elastic bean stalk

Someone who does web development properly will be able to tell you better but it’s space on amazon webservices for hosting web sites and the like.

Awww man one of my projects is part of my client’s Azure role-out. Veritable shit-show (apart from my bit, natch!).

trying to cancel my phone contract using vodafone’s chat thing. chloe just offered me the same deal im getting with 3 but for £1.50 more a month


A bit of (column) B & C to be quite honest :confused:

Couldn’t be arsed to vote in this poll though…


Got a refund on my gas bill! Touch me.