Need a new suitcase for going on holiday.

Please send luggage recommendations. Something with wheels preferably.




oh god


Hold luggage or hand luggage





Hold luggage pls m8s


oh my GOD @japes

I’m going to mute this thread I think


Am i missing something here?



Haha, right. I’m very much team Japes on that topic.


Hold means in the hold, not in the overhead bits


I am tired.


Shit, I misread you!

Please continue this wonderful thread.


Let’s settle this once and for all

  • The Hold
  • The Overheads
  • Third Option

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No suitcase.



A small wheelie case within regulation size is fine in the overheads anyway. The problem is people who are desperate to be on a plane first are the same pricks who take luggage on which is too big, aren’t stopped and then the sensible wheelie cased folk end up having to use the hold instead.


i’m not doing this again today for fucks sake


Blaaaaaah. Can everyone quit having opinions and just eat ice cream and cuddle kittens all day thank you :smiley:

I’ve got a red eastpak on wheels. It’s a hand me down from my ma and it is grand.


But DiS without opinions just leaves us with the daily threads and Friday selfie thread. We’ll have nothing to talk about!



I knooow, I don’t mean the things I say.