Luke Cage


Who’s watching? I’m three episodes in so far and really liking it. Got great atmosphere and Mike Colters brilliant.


1 episode down. Really liked it. Not much to add.

I saw a picture of how they rather tenuously get him into the old 70s POWER MAN costume, it looks pretty funny.


Episode 4. Really getting going now. Loved the origin story, the nod to the original costume and ‘I look a damn fool’ :smiley:

Not really feeling Juice from Sons of Anarchy as a super menacing gangster though, he doesn’t have enough threatening presence.


It’s alright isn’t it. Love the jazzy soundtrack.


Just finished this last night. Really enjoyed it.


One episode in but, yeah, the music is excellent.


Seen about twenty five minutes so far. I like him as a central character. The guy playing him has a nice face.


Yeah, I’d heard the soundtrack was supposed to be good.

I’m liking this one from Ep 5


Enjoying how all the Netflix Marvel series are starting to work in at least a couple of story arcs into each series as set, four/five-episode runs, just like in the comics.

Arguably LC was the worst of the three, but is still excellent. I am extremely worried that Iron Fist is going to be absolute dogshit by comparison but still.

Misty Knight’s character was fantastic, and really liked her partner’s role too. The Night-Nurse thing… it’s fine. It’s forced. But it was a good way of not making the crossovers too heavyhanded I guess


almost finished the series. read somewhere that Mike Colter had reservations about taking on the Luke Cage role because it seemed blaxploitationy. Pretty weird that the whole thing is a blaxploitation pastiche.