Lunch 16/12/16



what are you having / what have you had

might go in on a festive themed meal deal. what’s my best option?


whatever my hungover as fuck-hasn’t moved from the sofa-is drifting in and out of sleep-but still consuming gallons of juice/water/berocca tv wants.
so maybe bloody marys


i typed that in capitals and it changed automatically to sentence casing

has robbed some of the much needed emphasis


I had fish and Cajun potatoes (pseudo chips).

The co-op festive sandwich is alright, but confusingly they’ve gone for a Christmas sandwich AND a “boxing day lunch” sandwich which is also turkey but has coleslaw instead of cranberry sauce, or something.

Anyway you should get it because they also do Christmas tree-shaped sausage rolls.


too many options mates

in the cafe: corned beef hash or veggie pasta?

in the surrounding areas on foot I have an incredible choice and it is DEBILITATING

would go Boots but their sarnies are always basically frozen (and shite)



Making some of this. Mainly because the cupboards are bare of food because I’m going away for 2 weeks, and I had a packet of the tofu skins that needed using up.


Just had a beef and ale chutney christmas sandwich from the Co-op. Was much better than I expected.


Will you not just be judged by 20 people staring right at you? Like some kind of cheap burger masochism.




How many Christmas sandwiches are they doing this year?!




Could’ve at least made it 12 at that point, the lazy cunts.


The good thing about an open plan glass office is that they can also all watch you cry in shamed afterwards too.


got corned beef hash in the end. it’s epic.


pretty jealous to be tbqh


Unusual descriptor for ground up bits of cow ringpiece.


First it was horse meat, now alpaca!


Quite a orange looking lunch. Heinz Tomato soup, Irn Bru, a kitkat chunky peanut butter and An Orange itself.


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