Lunch 31/05/19

Been Nando’s ain’t I?



What heat level you fuckin with Jordan?

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Have it cooked in mango and lime and then vusa and garlic on the side. Find the spicy sauces a bit bland (other than vusa)

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So far today I have supped upon an isotonic orange drink and eaten a delicious banana, a too sweet yoghurt drink (for the vitamins) and about 20 crisps. Might have to convince @avery to pop out and get us some pastries as I don’t envision getting ready in any sort of haste. Going to eat a nice dinner somewhere and drink some wine before heading to the festival for 7pm.
Wish you were here! Fb memories has been showing me pictures of our time together at Primavera :hugs:

Made a palak paneer curry. It’s alright.


Went into town with to get lunch and then choose poorly ruining the day

had some butternut squash soup. was good.

I’m very much of the opinion that I would much, much, much rather a large meal than pop out for pastries. It’s a very firm opinion I hold that I’ve verily much mulled over.

I want a large meal too, doofus.

Is Vusa the one with the afro print label? Quite like that.

Off work today, might go get a salt beef bagel

I wish I was too! I’ll probably do next years.
Are you and @Avery gonna do FrescCo again? That was a lifesaver before the last day of the festival

Doofus, am I? You’ve picked particularly peculiar method of persuasion, there.

Baguette and mushroom pate, plus a honey yoghurt and a banana for later

That’s the badger

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I’m a big fan of their lemon and herb but have never dared to go below medium when it comes to base sauce

Treat ‘em mean, keep’ em bringing you pastries.
… Or something

All of the canteen options I saw looked average so got a harissa chicken wrap, which was average.

Apparently there was cauliflower tempura which I mistook for cauli cheese. It was nice, apparently.

I’ve been trying to make that gnome go, but she somehow keeps not agreeing to it. Could smash a buffet right now imho.

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If you had a lunch you didn’t enjoy is it reasonable to go have another one

  • Of course
  • Glutton

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