Lunch and dinner thread


Show us your lunch

Have you throught about dinner yet?
Not sure what to have
Rice or anything tomatoey is now out


Lunch is a GP appointment unfortunately.

Going to Plot in Tooting market for dinner though, yeeeeeeeeeeeee.


post office cuzza again, with added onion bhaji

dinner will be various items that my colleagues buy for consumption during this quiz later


Chips are actually not cold!!! Omg wtf is going on


Are you not hungover from your cocktails?


And a bag of crisps. Might have a pizz for dinner


I had an East Anglian baked potato with beans, with a side of refried beans. I have pre-emptively opened the window.

Playing super cool card games in the pub tonight so I’ll get something there. Probably not the full English again though, it raised eyebrows when I did that last week (I’d had a very stressful day).


Could’ve prolly done without that last one but it was happy hour innit.


All day breakfast

  • All day
  • Breakfast

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Does the name “meatless meatballs” irk you?

  • Nah not fussed
  • You know what Meo it actually does!

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Not as much as fucking seitan ribs irks me


Leftover squid and salmon with guacamole


I will be buying dinner from York train station so dunno yet. Probably a pasty.



Ignore me today


You going to order something that’s just called “balls” then?


“Aubergine And Black olive balls” is ok??


Meatless balls would be fine


Bit too much ball chat itt all of a sudden. Ahm oot.


Used to live in Leeds and I miss bakery/cafe 164 sandwiches every single day