Lunch and other revelations



veggie sushi from whole foods, not bad.

recent revelation: these are amazing



pork belly with rice, prawn crackers, dumplings and spring rolls




I’ve got a tin of leek and potato soup. I’ve also got a pocket full of change in case there is something more exciting on offer in the canteen.


chicken soup (Heinz), carrot, apple, satsuma, mixed nuts. Yellow/orange/red/brown spectrum food only for me.


these are good:

but I don’t have any


Bowl of home-made dal palak.

Left over from Monday’s dinner, obviously.


just remembered it’s national haggis night tonight. that’s for tea though not for lunch.


curry sandwich
mini (multipack) double decker
can o’ pepsi

no major revelations recently that i can think of


just saw that whole foods sell veggie haggis. might give it a wee crack.


Seeing as they’re such a thing of beauty we must make sure we compare our haggi later.


worth it, veggie haggis is actually pretty decent


Cooked this from yer man Nige Slater last night and saved enough for lunch today and tomorrow. Really easy and cheap to make, only had to buy macaroni and parsley as had all the rest of the stuff anyway. Not bad.


Paprika chicken and a fuckload of broccoli.

Solid 7/10


The soup lives to fight another day.

Went for pork and black pudding sausages and mash with onion gravy in the canteen. £1.50 well spent.


Bacon and fried egg sarnie with brown sauce.


cornish pasty, eaten at my desk.




I think I might make this for dinner. It looks nice.


baked tofu


They had haggis on in the canteen. I was tempted but decided to play it safe with the sausage and mash.