Lunch breaks

  • I’m entitled to a contractual lunch break
  • I am not

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  • I regularly take my allocated lunch break
  • I sometimes do
  • I never do

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  • I like to regularly go out on my lunch break
  • I sometimes like to
  • I never do

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  • 30 mins
  • 45 mins
  • 60 mins
  • Other

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Get an hour. Nip out to buy lunch and then eat it at my desk. 20 mins or so tops


Eat lunch sat at my desk/shop counter in case of customers and normally do paperwork during it. I leave an hour earlier than I’m meant to instead.


Depends on the day my dinner. 30 minutes 3 days per week, 60 minutes 2 days per week.

WFH has ruined me for this. I technically take little mini breaks throughout the day but still at my desk a lot of the time. Working on improving that this year.

Usually make a little bagel with sliced ham/tuna if I’m being fancy and go out to buy lunch once a week or so.


I’m not sure mine is actually contractual because my hours are 37 a week but my contract states that at times I am expected to work more than these dependent on needs and that I don’t have set hours as such. I can work whatever hours I like so considering I never take a lunch break I should be finished by 4pm every day ahahahahahaha (help me).


WFH so I have my lunch while working and then use the hour to play PS4


It’s my only window to top up gas as everywhere near me is closed before clocking off time. Often leave errands for that hour so no way I could even contemplate not taking it.

Full time WFH-ing now. Tend to:

  • Block out 1-2pm as lunch in my calendar (otherwise people book meetings with me)
  • Stop around 12:45
  • Do half an hour of exercise
  • Make a sandwich, and eat at my desk while clearing emails
  • Resume proper work at 2pm

Hour minimum, often longer.


Depends on

  • the day of the week
  • whether I’m also doing school runs
  • whether I’ve been booked in for lunchtime meetings (like today at 12-1pm…)
  • general workload
  • whether I’m WFH or travelling

Technically speaking I’m supposed to work a 37 hour week, net of lunch breaks etc, but (other than the couple of months at the start of the job, and even factoring in my prodigious DiS post count) I’ve been working well over that level.

WFH now and try to use my lunch break to get outside and do an hour walk and then just eat at my desk or pick things up on my phone whilst I’m out. Sometimes trade the walk for a nice lunch out.

If the weather is rubbish I’ll just watch TV or read a book.

I can have an hour but I have a call every day at 1pm and don’t wanna eat at 12! Normally go out about 12:30, mooch in some shops, grab something to eat then eat it on the 1pm call.

At home I’m trying to take an hour out but usually just eat at my desk again :cry:

I think contractually I get an hour and a half total breaks and work 9-5.30 but I don’t actually do that. Normally I start and finish later than that and take a break of about half an hour

WFH, so I take a full hour but depending on what day it is and who else is home it’s mostly spent playing with my son or doing domestic jobs, with maybe 10 minutes of eating myself. And I love it, it’s either lovely or an hour of my evening back.

Went to France last summer and let me tell you that is one country that knows how to do a fucking lunch break.


Depends on the length of our shift as to what we get.

Less than 6 hours, nothing. 6-7 hours is 15 mins and above 7 hours is 25 mins as a break plus 5 minutes walking time to/from the train.

Generally speaking we get quite a bit longer but that’s always what we get as a scheduled break. Tend to get at least 15-20 minutes any time we have to change between trains, so plenty of time to get a coffee or whatever.

The contract sez 30 minutes but tbqh fuck that

An hour break to stop work and eat/do something else/nothing is far too long imo.