Lunch Bunch Munch


I want to see your lunch. Show me your lunch.


i don’t know what to have. might go to veggie pret, do they have anything good? @meowington


I like the mac and cheese but it’s too small a portion for me.
They do a nice baguette with avocado and olives and salad which is buff
also get the salted caramel brownie if you do go


yeah those things are tiny and like a fiver as well. ffs. might go pod instead tbh although i had some really unripe avocado in my baguette the other day from there.


Tezzas has a christmas aisle


I’m going to have a cheeseboard. Quite fancy a cheeseboard. Breakfast was a chicken pie and roast potatoes so I’m not sure I’m doing this whole meal thing correctly.


I like Pod’s tabbouleh salad. But also not enough to fill me up so I get pod salad and then veggie gyoza from Itsu.


do you eat three meals a day in your pub?


ages ago i went to this pub round the corner for lunch and the special of the day was mac and cheese for £3 or something which sounded great. WRONG. it was like a wee ramekin of mac and cheese with a shitey bit of salad on the side. could have eaten about 10 of them. was so annoyed.


I don’t know how to get food here. It’s some system involving putting money on a card but I don’t know how and they don’t accept cash.

I’m hungry.


No, I don’t live there. Might have a toastie if I pop in at lunch, probably only eat there once a week in the evenings.


quite fancy a falafel wrap - but the good falafel place is a bit of a trek, and it’s got a bit toooo popular (queue out the door last time I tried to go)

fuck it, I’m doing this


Yeah i’d have been furious.
Definitely would have called for a second lunch


There’s a Breville out back


obviously you don’t live in london but for me, if anything is even remotely ‘affordable’ you can guarantee you’re gonna need two of em


Mine’s a tasty but very boring looking ham and pickle sandwich on home-made wholemeal bread.

I’m going to go and look at GUITARS this lunchtime!


kinda want hummus after all that chat


Where’s the pics people?


it’s midday mate, calm down!


*slams fist on table*