Lunch Bunch Munch

*very interesting thread

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Like an actual macaroon? or a macaron? Make? Mouthfeel?

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like an actual macaroon bar.

Are a cheeky chicken finger as well on the way out of this event I was assisting filming at (i.e. sitting around making sure nobody stole the tripod bag)

Someone brought an irn bru macaroon bar into the office the other day. It was… I was the only one who would eat it.

because you got there first and refused to share?

I had this and a can of Diet Coke (disclosure - not my picture)

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why was someone else taking a picture of your lunch


mouthfeel: sugar / coconut / biscuit

Why is there a bottle of ink in your lunch?

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I bet you had to take out a small mortgage on that.

My office are very wary of anything Scottish.

£5.49, I find it to be the best value thing at Itsu in terms of how full it gets me for the price. Still, it has been becoming an increasingly regular lunch, even though I should save it for a treat.

I didn’t even realise until just not that there was a can of DC there, maybe there’s a parallel universe me doing exactly the same thing but he remembered to take a picture.

just had:

2 x bits of Turkish delight
2 x bits of baklava
1 x Maryland cookie

You’re not good at mouthfeel.


That’s not bad actually (for itsu)

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mouthfeel the last thing you ate then

let’s see how it’s done

I had a packet of out of date falafel and hummous.

Haha!! nah :blush: