Lunch bunch

Good day, whatcha eatin’ on there? Reveal to me what lurks within your inner most lunchboxes.

I’m having mine now. No regrets. Until later when I will be filled with all the regrets.

What’re YOU having pal?

Cheddar cheese and cucumber bagel for me
Salt and vinegar McCoys
Kit Kat peanut butter

‘working lunch’.

fuck :disappointed:

Tuna Mayonnaise & cucumber seeded BAP with a cup of tea. Might have some cheeky Kettle Chips too :wink:

I’m a bit jealous of your peanut butter KitKat.

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So much so I had to edit that post twice to get the words out.

Most of my normal lunch crew aren’t about. Might grab a burrito (Irn Bru pulled pork, fajita peppers, habanero and mango sauce) and sit in the Meadows listening to podcasts

Haven’t had breakfast yet.

Well now is the perfect time for brunch surely?

Canteen menu isn’t looking very promising today. If there’s a tuna option I’ll have a baked potato, otherwise it’s probably going to be the mixed grill.

They claim that there’s going to be Battenburg for dessert, but I’ve been burned before so I’m not going to get my hopes up.

Good, cos battenburg is shit #bigonions

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You fucking cunt.


Sponge, marzipan AND jam. It’s got all the important food groups.

:astonished: If I could I would breathe Battenburg.

Get out. :point_right:


More like batten berk

I’ll batten you mate

Want to get lunch out but we have loads of eggs in so probably a nice egg mayo sarnie and a Muller corner

You could crack an egg into your Muller corner if you’re struggling to use them up.

Actually now I’m thinking a fuck-off four egg omelette with a load of cheese

You could crack your Muller corner onto it if you’re struggling to use them up.

The thought of this is making me feel ill and I once ate a strawberry Angel Delight wrap