Lunch bunch

…were you out of clean bowls?

im off for a walk down church street. will probably have an egg mayo roll if the bakery has any left. they are amazing. failing that, a spinach and walnut sausage roll… omg

I’ve got a Tomato and Herb Mugshot to have. Penguin biscuit for ~3pm.

Would normally be seeking out alternatives in the canteen but I had a bacon roll for breakfast a couple of hours ago and am having some sort of takeaway feast for my tea tonight.

:burrito: ?

I was a student and it was the only food I had (freshers’ fair freebies) and I was really hungry

They do some bang on food in the canteen here, but when they have steak/mixed grill I won’t go near it.

You could have had the wrap first and the angel delight afterwards. There was no need to combine them.

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Yeah it’s definitely the ropiest of the standard options here. I’m usually forced into it by lack of other definitely lactose-free options.


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I ate congealed chips and cheese out of the bin once, it was still in a box but still… bin chips, low point.


Mate i dont eat them ALL the time

It’s really tempting. @Jeremys_Iron consider yourself on a warning here.


How many do I get?

Someone here told us about how he always used to leave half his kebab on the side in the kitchen after he’d been out to the pub and finish it off in the morning (sounds grim, I know). His girlfriend hated it, so she started putting it in the bin. Because it was in a box, he’d to get it out of the bin in the morning and finish it off. Next time he did it, she poured washing up liquid all over it before binning it - So he goes down to the kitchen the next morning, gets his kebab box out of the bin and gets a mouthful of cold kebab meat covered in fairy liquid :smiley:


Not giving this information out to keep you on your toes.

I’ll be good!

Although now that you mention it i could go for one. Theres a new mexican place just down the road!!

I just read this exchange and now feel a bit ill.

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Homemade salad with Cholula on it

Very happy with the hot sauce addition