Lunch Bunch


The world’s my lobster today man but I don’t really know what to do with myself. Cuzzer buzzer? Prolly. Quite fancy sushi.

i had a second cuzzer buzzer while you were away. one place i work at likes getting them in for everyone.

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i’m at home so i’m having breakfast for lunch. fried egg and cheese bagel w/ beans

Slice of pepperoni and salad. Not ideal but better than the other options.

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Oh my OMG god. Glad you’ve recognised them as a ‘thing’ now. It’s like when the pope goes back on something in the bible with fresh eyes for this modern world.

nah, they definitely aren’t burritos.

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East Anglian baked potato, beans, sweetcorn, fruit pot.

Probably have some cake from the kitchen in a bit and the rest of my lebkuchen when I get home.

Red pepper houmous, tomato and spinach pitta.

Got loads of carrot too.

Looks deese laelfs. Would smash.

What are they then?

The crust is weirdly stuffed with the sauce :woman_shrugging:


Going to head in to work a bit early so I can get a mushroom omelette, spinach, cheese and tomato panini from this excellent deli en route. Sounds weird. Isn’t. Tastes lovely and will fill me up for like 8 hours or something.

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sounds good to me!

Mushroom omelette IN the panini?!

oh wait, i missed the panini bit!

YEPPPPPPP! Honestly, it’s great.