Lunch chat



One thing about the change in the weather is the reduction in places I can have lunch. It’s too cold to sit outside but no way do I want to sit at my desk or in work.


just had an overpriced victoria station jazz baguette. 4 quid. bread was tough as old boots.

basil, pesto, salad and shit, just in case you care for such information


I really really need to go out more at lunch.

Was gonna go to the Barb library today but just couldn’t be arsed :anguished:


I do yeah. You were unlikely to get a good baguette in a station though but you probably didn’t have much choice. Have you got another 5 hour bus journey ahead of you?


My Imaging software has picked up my rice rolls as a face and anonymized them but this is my lunch today. Love staying in 5* hotels


that’s perfect for lunch, away from work yet still inside and warm.


Have some enchiladas left over for lunch. <3


I tend to end up going further afield in the cold months so I don’t have to sit at my desk and eat for too long. Exmouth Market tomorrow for a Moro lamb flatbread :hugging:


what is under all that mayonnaise?


ya man. got a couple movies lined up though and will no doubt have jazz nap too.



They were prawns which I didnt have


Had a burrito and a donut.


Red butternut squash curry with bamboo shoots, bell pepper, basil and kaffir lime leaves on jasmine rice.


about to start on my third shortbread biscuit


had some toast and hummus


are you a chef, abonygoo?


went to the new Leon in Brighton and had a hot rice/ chicken/ chorizo thing

Was pretty good ish I think

The guy dishing out the orders was unhappy with how quickly the kitchen prepared it for me (seemed OK to me) - so gave me a full loyalty card thing for a free drink or whatever. So I’m reasonably impressed


Just got a salad from Vital.

Roquito peppers, mozerella, beetroot, cucumber, lettuce, green beans and croutons, with olive oil and balsamic